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Men’s Shaving Products

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Born on the battlefield, and reborn for today’s man, to help you put your best face forward

Wilkinson Sword offers a wide range of shaving products to help men feel confident and get stylishly groomed skin.

Man looking in a mirror shaving his face using a Wilkinson Sword razor

Men's Razors

We believe that shaving is all about freeing yourself and showing off your style. We have a wide selection of products, suited for different needs so no matter how you want to sharpen your style, we have you covered.

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Double Edge

Classic Double Edge Razor blades have a simple design that provides excellent performance and value for money. Simple in design with a butterfly opening and locking mechanism, it enables blades to be changed easily

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best razor for a tough, coarse beard

Men's Blades

Whether you rock a beard or you’re clean shaven, the razor blade you use is key to sharpening your style.

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The stubble trimmer allows you to easily maintain the perfect length with an adjustable comb, while the standard blades help you create definition.

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Whether you’re growing a beard or not, we can help you lather and shave with our soap bowl or shaving brush, a traditional method that has stood the test of time and still gives you the best results.

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Hydro 5

The Hydro 5 razor – for the moment before the moment when the future is in your hands!

Designed like no other razor to protect skin against irritation for a smooth, comfortable shave. Hydro is ideal for those looking for skin protection, high performance and quality in their shaving experience.

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Wilkinson Sword classic shave logo

The Vintage Classic safety razor – for the moment before the moment when the future is in your hands!

With its timeless design, the Wilkinson Sword Classic safety razor is robust, elegant and easy to use. The safety razor has a high-quality metal handle and a butterfly screw mechanism, which enables the blades to be changed easily.

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Men's shaving products

At Wilkinson Sword we’ve spent the last 120 years innovating to create an award-winning range of advanced men’s shaving products, from shave preps to razor blades and some of the best wet shaving products you can find anywhere online. We believe that shaving is all about freeing yourself and showing off your style, and whatever style you’re looking to achieve, we’re sure one of our products can help.

For style inspiration we’ve got some great blog posts on creating different looks with our shaving products, all of which you can buy online.

Looking for cutting edge innovations in men’s shaving? Look no further than the Hydro 5 Sense razor with incredible shock absorbing technology that helps fight against irritation.

If that’s too much tech for you then don’t worry – our Classic Double Edge Razor has a simple design that provides excellent value for money and is one of the sharpest shaving products around.

Just looking for some new razor blade refills? You can find razor blade value packs that aren’t available in the shops. If it’s a disposable razor you’re searching for then we can offer you great value on some bigger packs.

If you’re after a little less hassle then head to our subscriptions page where you can be in complete control over a shave plan, with the male shaving product that best suits you.