Men's Razors

Leading the way in men’s razor design

Our name has been synonymous with razor production ever since one of our founders – Henry Wilkinson – started tinkering around with men’s shaving products in 1884 and came up with the game-changing Pall Mall safety razor. You’d think that designing and engineering one of the most iconic men’s razors ever manufactured might be enough, but that was just the beginning. What you see on this page is the very best in shaving innovation – our latest and greatest technological developments that bring you an ever-closer and more comfortable shave.

For us, shaving is about much more than hair removal. It’s freeing your style and showing yourself off at your best – and whatever your style, whether you’re sporting a carefully cultivated beard, a super smooth shave or an in-between stubble we can help you to bring it out at its finest. Take a look at our blog for the latest style tricks and tips.

Which men’s razor is best for me?

Whether you’re after something steeped in tradition like the Classic Double Edge Razor or the kind of boundary-pushing, why-did-no-one-think-of-it-before technology that will turn your mornings upside down, it’s all here.

The Hydro 5 Sense Energize has our Ultra Glide® blades and a water-activated gel reservoir that smooths your shave for maximum comfort. In fact, every men’s razor in our Hydro range is designed around you, providing a tailored and reliable shave that suits your busy lifestyle while keeping your skin protected at every step. For those hard-to-reach spots there’s nothing quite like the Hydro 5 Groomer razor which combines expert trimming with gentle skincare.

The Quattro Titanium uses four incredibly precise blades to make sure you don’t miss a single hair, while the Quattro Vintage Edition men’s razor combines effortless style with robust performance and works with any Quattro blades.If you’re looking for a grooming routine that’s flexible, affordable and fits around your lifestyle, then taking things into your own hands with a shaving subscription might be just the thing. Take a look here.

Why are men’s razors different from women’s razors?

The handles of men’s razors are ergonomically designed to shave facial areas whereas women’s razors handles are shaped to shave different body areas such as under arms and legs. In addition, the blades on men’s razors are designed for the coarser, stiffer hair that grows on the face.

What’s the best way to clean razor blades?

Keeping blades clear of dead skin, grime and hair is important for preventing shaving rash, but you should only rinse razor blades under running water – don’t bang them on the edge of the sink as this can damage them.

Can I use a men’s razor for any part of my body?

All our men’s razors are suitable for use on the body, but some like the Hydro 5 Groomer razor are specially designed for body hair, so for the best results we recommend opting for a razor like this.