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Intuition Dermaglow

Intuition Dermaglow is your professional dermaplaning tool for at-home use. With 7 skin-benefits it immediately enhances the look and feel of your skin and glides smoothly over delicate facial skin as it removes dulling dead skin cells and peach fuzz. The premium metal handle with its curved design and non-slip silicone guarantees a secure grip and control.

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Wilkinson Sword offers enjoyable & convenient shaving experience for women. Offering a variety of shaving solutions to meet different women’s needs. Ensuring a better hair removal experience & helping to make this part of your beauty regime more enjoyable. It is our goal to make your shaving experience more enjoyable: we offer products with different features and benefits so that you can choose the razor that is perfect for your needs. From body hair removal, facial trimming to styling eyebrows, there are a variety of products in our portfolio, which simplify shaving and leave your skin cared for.

Our Intuition collection offers a variety of innovative solutions suitable for all body zones: Discover our Ultra Moisture & Sensitive razors with built in soap bars allowing you to conveniently lather and shave in one simple step. Our Quattro for Women range gives a close and comfortable shave without any nicks and cuts. The razor has 4 ultra-thin blades with compact pivoting head that follows the contours of your body, making shaving quick, easy and effective.

Make your life easier: With our blade subscription service. Save yourself money and time while helping to ensure you always have fresh supplies on hand – so that you have time for the important things in life.