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Welcome to the world of grooming excellence with Wilkinson Sword. Our comprehensive range reflects over two centuries of craftsmanship and innovation, making each product a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional grooming experiences since 1772.
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Hydro 5 Razor

Featuring the finest carbon coated precision blades, Hydro 5 is designed to protect

From £16.49

Hydro 3 Razor

Gel pools create a protective barrier for a comfortable shave and skin protection.

From £11.49

Hydro 5 Ultimate Men's Razor

Designed to protect your skin from shaving irritation

From £18.49
sensitive skin

Hydro 5 Sensitive Razor Blades

5 blades and designed for sensitive skin. Smooths the skin and prevents irritation.

From £11.50

Hydro 5 Ultimate Men’s Razor Blade Refills 4 pack

Built-in shock absorption technology. 5 blades with skin guards.

From £11.50

Classic Double Edge Razor Blades

Double edge blade technology. Reduces friction, creating a smooth shave.

From £4.20

Hydro 3 Razor Blades

Experience a masterfully close shave with Hydro 3 razor blades from Wilkinson Sword

From £9.50

Hydro 5 Razor Blades

5 blades with protective gel barrier for a comfortable shave.

From £11.50

Protector 3 Razor Blades

3 Blades with Alpha Diamond coating and advanced micro guard system.

From £7.99

Protector 3 Razor

Provides a smooth, clean shave with less irritation

From £4.99

Classic Double Edge Razor

Double edge blade technology increases the life of each blade. Great for trimming!

From £18.99
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Shaving Soap Bowl

Softens facial hair and hydrates skin with moisturising agents for a smooth shave.


Cut Throat Razor

Blades are triple refined. Ideal for both a close shave or beard styling.


Shaving Brush

High-quality bristles create a thick lather with. Soft to the touch.


Barber's Style Shave Cream

Barber's Style Face Wash allows you to clean your face for smooth, gentle skin.


Styptic Pencil

Perfect way to help you recover after you cut yourself shaving.


Quattro Essentials 4 Razor Blades

4 titanium coated blades. Lubricating strip with Aloe and Jojoba for smooth glide.

From £7.49

Barber's Style Post Shave Balm

Soothing post-shave balm to leave your skin feeling moisturised and soft.


Hydro Comfort Skin Reset Razor Blades

Shave up to 7 days of stubble with less tugging & pulling. Protect against irritation

From £10.00

Barber's Style Face Moisturiser

Flexible blade to easily adapt and contour. Works to help the skin feel hydrated.


Barber's Style Beard Oil

Blend of natural oils designed to help soften your stubble and hydrate your beard.

sensitive skin

Xtreme 3 Sensitive Disposable Razor

Designed for sensitive skin. 3 flexible blades for a close shave & lubricating strip.

From £4.20

Barber's Style Beard Wash & Softener

Gently clean and soften your beard and stubble. Tea Tree and Wild Mint scent.