Hydro Comfort Skin Reset Razor Blades

Shave up to 7 days of stubble with less tugging & pulling. Protect against irritation

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  • Product Description

    Hydro Comfort Skin Reset Blades

    Introducing our new Hydro Comfort Skin reset blades our first product designed to comfortably tackle up to 7-days of hair growth, with less tugging and pulling (vs. Hydro 5).

    Product Benefits


    Comb guard aligns hair to help prevent tugging and pulling.


    Water activated gel pools hydrate throughout each shave, and help to protect from irritation.


    The grooved channels of the Comb Guard and the spacing between the comb and first blade increase water flow through (vs. Hydro 5), making it easy to rinse off shaving debris.


    Flip trimmer for precise trimming and to get into the hard-to-reach spots.


    Packaging made from more than 90% recycled paper and recyclable*!

    *check your local recycling facility

    Comfortably shave up to 7 days of stubble with less tugging and pulling (vs. Hydro 5)

    There are razors and there are game-changers. The revolutionary new Wilkinson Sword Hydro Comfort Skin Reset is the razor you’ve been dreaming of. This innovative razor allows you to comfortably shave up to 7 days of stubble with less tugging and pulling (vs. Hydro 5). The unique comb guard aligns hair with the leading blade for a close shave and helps prevent irritation. Dermatologist tested – our razor is designed for maximum comfort. Easy-to-rinse blades have three layers of comfort coating and Skin Guards on each blade for extra protection. This shaving razor for men also features a flip-back precision trimmer to edge and trim in hard-to-reach places.