Hydro 5 Skin Protection Razor

Hydro 5 blades designed for skin protection. Smooths the skin and prevents irritation
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    HYDRO 5 Skin Protection Regular Razor – Designed for incredible skin protection!

    We’ve designed every aspect of the razor – blade cartridge, lubricating system and handle – they are designed for incredible skin protection!


    Our gel pools create a protective barrier for a comfortable shave. The gel is dermatologically tested and covers the skin like a protective film, and contains Pro Vitamin B5.

    Our hydro 5 blades with skin guards double the points of contact to smooth the skin and help to prevent irritation. Flip back the gel pools to use the top of the blade head to edge and trim those hard-to-reach areas such as under the nose.

    Our handles are ergonomically designed.


    Our packaging is made from more than 90% recycled paper and the packaging is recyclable-please check your local recycling facilities.

    What if you could help prevent skin irritation while shaving?

    Daily shaving can lead to irritation but Wilkinson Sword’s Hydro 5 blades are designed for incredible skin protection. Great shaving from Wilkinson Sword. Fits with any other Hydro razor.

How to Use

Step One Step one

Apply Shaving Foam Generously

When your face is completely dry, you can apply our Barber’s Style shave cream or shaving foam. Lather it well and cover it over your face.

Step Two Step two

Shave lightly in the direction of hair growth

When it’s time to take the razor to your face, shave lightly. Too much pressure on your face can easily cause skin irritation and shaving burn.

Step Three Step three

Wash the razor

Any type of shaving brings the risk of nasty nicks and cuts – those horrible ones that sting and bleed an unnecessary amount. Well, there’s plenty of ways to avoid this happening when shaving your face.

Bundle and Save

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    sensitive skin

    Hydro 5 Skin Protection Sensitive Razor Blades

    5 blades and designed for sensitive skin. Smooths the skin and prevents irritation.

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