Intuition Double Edge Rosegold Razor

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Plastic-free shave. Butterfly opening for easy and safe blade removal.
  • Product Description

    Plastic-free shave. Sounds good, right?

    Our Intuition Rose Gold razor provides an incredibly close and smooth shave - good for the environment and your skin.

    Bye-bye tedious disassembly - With the butterfly opening, you can easily twist your razor open at the bottom handle and insert and remove the blade easily and safely.

    Nothing stands in the way of your smooth shave thanks to the single-blade system with triple-coated blade. It prevents skin irritation and removes all unwanted hair thoroughly.

    Safe shave? The plastic-free, high-quality metal handle with closed comb glides over the skin gently and without pressure thanks to its own weight.

    Plastic-free shave
    With butterfly opening, for safe and easy removal of the blade.

    Easy to use: high quality metal handle glides over the skin without pressure thanks to its own weight.

    Gentle on the skin: single blade system prevents skin irritation
    Packaging is made of more than 90% paper. Recyclable packaging - follow your local recycling guidelines.