How to shave your armpit hair

How to shave your armpit hair

Shaving your armpits is a personal preference, like microwaving tea or listening to acid jazz. It’s not for everyone and it may seem like a daunting task. Your armpit hair is typically thick and located in an awkward position, which you may find challenging to navigate.

Is the fear of cutting yourself putting you off shaving your armpits? Luckily, we’re sharing a step by step guide on ‘how to shave your armpits’ the right way.

What’s the best tool to use to shave your armpits?

There are various tools that can help make shaving your armpits effortless. The best tool for shaving your underarms is dependent on your desired outcome. To achieve a close-to-skin finish, you might want to try an electric trimmer. Perfect for a quick tidy up.

Most trimmers, however, have been designed to combat male facial hair, so these models might be too powerful for your softer underarms. Try searching for razors and trimmers designed for women if you’re unsure what model to get.

Razors are the perfect tool to help achieve a silky smooth armpit. Although they may seem slightly more intimidating, make sure your razor is sharp and you’re following our five-step guide on how to shave your armpits, and shaving will be a breeze.

How do you shave your armpits?

Similar to styling your hair, shaving your underarms is also a process. By using high-quality tools and following our shaving best practices, you’ll avoid any cuts and scratches and achieve a seamless result. What more could you want?

Step 1: Prepare your underarm skin

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Preparing your underarm skin is the essential first step to a beautifully shaved armpit.

Start by exfoliating your skin, and removing any traces of sweat and deodorant. Both of these can contribute to the clogging of your blades and spreading bacteria if you were to cut yourself whilst shaving. We recommend shaving in the shower. The hot water will open your pores, whilst hydrating and softening your skin. This will help you avoid any little nicks or cuts.

Step 2: Apply shaving product

When shaving your armpit, apply a shaving gel or foam. Remember, your armpit is sensitive. By applying a gel or foam, it’ll help lock in moisture and create a silky smooth surface for your razor to glide over. This will also prevent any friction or irritation to your skin. Nobody wants razor burn.

Step 3: The direction of shaving

“Do I shave up or down my armpit?,” you might ask. A fun fact about our armpit hair is that it grows in all directions. Shaving up and down your armpit may not achieve the cleanest shave. To achieve the best results possible, we suggest raising your arm above your head and begin shaving in all different directions with light, short strokes.

Step 4: Rinsing the blade

Listen, nobody likes a clogged-up razor. If your razor is jammed up with excess hair and shower foam, you’ll never achieve a clean shave you’re able to boast about. We recommend that after every other stroke, you rinse your blades using hot water. This will make sure the blades are clean and free to shave as close to your skin as possible.

Step 5: Aftercare for shaved armpits

After you’ve finished shaving, be sure to rinse off any remaining foam and loose hair. It’s likely your skin is now pretty sensitive. Apply a natural moisturiser to the area. Make sure to avoid products with alcohol in them: this will only create in your skin the irritation you have done so well to avoid. If you can, expose your freshly shaved armpits to fresh air and avoid any tight clothing for a little while.

Top tips for shaving your armpits

  • Keep your skin moist. This will reduce irritation on sensitive skin.
  • Use natural products. Avoid harsh chemicals and alcohol as these dry out your skin, causing burning and itchiness.
  • Make sure your razor is sharp. The most common cause of nicks and cuts is blunt blades. Blunt blades don’t glide over the skin seamlessly and hairs can fail to cut properly, resulting in tugging and twisting. This causes irritated follicles and ingrown hairs to occur.
  • Shave at night and avoid deodorant afterwards. By shaving at night, you can give your armpits time to cool down. It’s also more acceptable to not apply deodorant without the fear of someone smelling you a mile off.

Can you shave your armpits without shaving cream?

Technically, yes, you can shave your underarms without shaving cream, but why would you want to? Shaving your armpits without the right shaving products can contribute to:

  • Razor burn
  • An increased chance of small cuts
  • Ingrown hairs

If you can’t lay your hands on any shaving products, there are alternative products you can use, such as;

  • Shampoo and moisturiser
  • Soap
  • Body wash

These alternatives will give you a better shaving experience than dry shaving alone. There really is no excuse!

Shaving your armpits shouldn't be a scary ordeal. The key to avoiding irritation and sensitivity is in your preparation and the choice of tools you use to complete the task. By using sharp blades and moisturising the area before and after shaving, your experience should be nothing short of therapeutic.

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