How to stop pubic hair itching when growing back

Shaving helps achieve a clean and smooth look, however, suffering from itchy pubic hair is common during the growing back phase and it’s safe to say it’s not a pleasant experience at all. There can be many reasons contributing to your itchy pubic area. Hopefully, by identifying some of the reasons why, and learning how you can combat them, will help ease itching and make your post-shaving experience more enjoyable.

What causes itchy pubic hair?

When shaving, it is important to remember that you are not removing the entire hair. By using a razor, you are just cutting close to where the hair grows — your pubic hair continues to grow underneath the skin. Itching (and that prickly feeling after shaving) is the result of irritating hair follicles. Shaving without care and attention can cause the following reasons contributing to your itchy pubic hair:

Razor Burn

If you experience itching after shaving, with a red rash and tender small bumps, it’s likely that razor burn is the main culprit causing your pubic area to itch. Here are three reasons that may be causing you to suffer from razor burn:

  1. A dull or blunt razor
  2. Not using lubricants (such as a shaving gel or foam)
  3. Shaving too often 

Ingrown hair

The pulling motion with a blunt or dull razor can have problematic effects, such as redirecting the hair follicle. This twisting of the hair can cause ingrown hairs. Pubic hair is thicker and more coarse than the hair on other parts of your body, making it noticeably itchier when it begins to grow back.


Shaving with a clogged or unclean razor is a big no-no. Folliculitis is typically caused by bacteria. Folliculitis causes red and white pimples to grow around the hair follicle resulting in that prickly feeling after shaving. Rest assured, mild cases of folliculitis should clear on its own within a number of days.

How to stop your pubic hair itching

You’ll be pleased to know there are a few ways to stop pubic hair itching when it's growing back. When suffering from itchy pubic hair, scratching it will cause an increase in irritation and tenderness.  It’s important to not scratch the area. We understand this can be a super challenging task for even the most strong-willed of people, so try these itching remedies instead:

Hydrocortisone cream

Hydrocortisone is a steroid-based cream that helps stop pubic hair itching when growing back. Apply as directed and make sure to avoid this solution to your itching if you have sores, bleeding or signs of infection.

Natural oils

Top tip: avoid products that contain alcohol when trying to stop pubic hair itching after shaving. Alcohol is known to cause further skin inflammation. Natural oils on the other hand, work a treat. Natural oils like coconut oil and almond oil, rehydrate sensitive areas and reduce sensations like itchiness and burning.

Cold Compress

A cool compress is a classic fast and effective home remedy that can be a super-effective way to stop pubic hair itching. Reduce your inflammation and itching fast by simply taking a washcloth (make sure it's clean), soaking it in cold water, removing any excess water and applying it to the affected area. A cool compress is a great way to soothe your pubic hair and can be reapplied as many times as it’s needed.

Loose clothing

Freshly shaven skin becomes extra sensitive. Wearing tight clothing causes rubbing and friction as your skin comes into direct contact with the fabric. Tight fabrics can also cause sweating and chafing. To give yourself the best chance to avoid itchiness after shaving, you should spend some time in the buff or wearing loose clothing, made by natural and breathable fabrics.

How to avoid getting itchy pubic hair

Prevention is the best way to stop pubic hair itching when it is growing back. Here are our top 5 shaving best practices that will help prevent pubic hair from becoming itchy:

  • Trim before you shave - Reducing the length of the hair with a trimmer first helps minimise the chances of any tugging of the hair. This is a great way to help prevent itchiness caused by ingrown hairs.
  • Make sure your razor is sharp - Use a new razor when you can. Investing in a good quality razor with sharp blades will minimise friction and the chances of catching your skin. Sharp blades will always enhance your shaving experience.
  • Hot water is your friend - By immersing yourself in a sensibly hot bath/ shower for around two minutes will provide your skin with a moisture boost. Your pores will open, making it easier to achieve a smooth finish.
  • Use shaving cream/gel - Shaving creams and gels are a great way to soften your pubic hair. Stretching your skin taut and shaving in the direction your hair grows, will help you achieve longer-lasting results and reduce irritation and itchiness. 
  • Post-shave care -  After you are finished shaving, use a cooling gel or lotion to help soothe your skin, this will cool off the area and help combat any irritation.

  • So there you have it, itch no more! By taking advantage of our easy to follow shaving best practices, itchy pubic hair will become a thing of the past. Who knew shaving could be such a pleasant experience after all?