Women's Bikini Trimmers & Razors

Women's Bikini Razors & Bikini Trimmers

At Wilkinson Sword we understand that everyone’s lives are different, so we have created women’s razors to satisfy your lifestyle and individual beauty needs. We were the first to bring you an innovative 2 in 1 solution to trim and style your bikini zone. Our Intuition Complete razor with five Skin Perfect blades provides a close, smooth shave even for those hard-to-reach body zones thanks to the slim razorhead. Our bikini trimmers and razors regularly find themselves on ‘best buy’ lists from leading women’s fashion publications, and we’re proud that we’ve made our mark with a product like no other.

The Quattro For Women bikini razor with trimmer was the first of our 2 in 1 lady trimmers to hit the market and it remains the go-to for a shave, trim and transformation like no other. If you are looking for our closest and most comfortable intimate shave then our Hydro Silk Bikini trimmer gives your skin the VIP treatment for whatever style you’re looking for. Plus, you can shave your legs with the same razor and they’re completely waterproof – perfect for using in the shower.

If you need some inspiration, why not check out our blog for some pointers or for some of the best tips on how to get the best from your Wilkinson Sword bikini trimmers and razors. And if it’s hassle free shaving that you are looking for, then check out our subscriptions page where you can be in complete control over a shave plan to suit you.

Why use a bikini trimmer?

Bikini trimmers are more compact than electric shavers and much more comfortable to use – plus they can get into tricky areas without the risk of cuts or nicks. Its small size means it can also easily be popped into your toilet bag or into your hand luggage for on-the-go grooming. Our trimmers come with a comb with three length settings so that you can get the style that you prefer.

How to shave your bikini area

1) Spend 10 minutes in warm water first: Whether you take a bath or a shower, this helps soften your outer layer of skin and makes it easier to remove hair. Brush the area with a wet flannel to remove dead skin cells and trim any hair that’s particularly long.
2) Always use a shaving gel: To ensure effortless glide across your skin, invest in a good quality shave gel. Wilkinson Sword bikini trimmers and razors come with a built-in hydrating lubrication strip with ingredients such as aloe in Quattro for Women Bikini Trimmer and hyaluronic acid in the Hydro Silk bikini trimmer and Intuition Complete razor, which help avoid irritation.
3) Shave in the direction of hair growth: Going against the grain risks rashes and burns, so move in one fluid direction with the hair growth. One movement of the razor through the area should be enough if you’ve got a good-quality razor with multiple blades.
4) Don’t use blunt razor blades: As tempting as it may be to see if your old razor still has another shave left in it, you should stop using razor blades as soon as they start to become dull. They can cause razor burn and skin irritation as well as harbouring dirt, grime and dead skin.
5) Apply a cold compress: Wash off any residual trimmings and then hold a cold flannel to the area for at least five minutes afterwards, in order to soothe skin and reduce irritation.
6) Moisturise to finish: Make sure you use a post-shave balm or an unscented moisturiser to restore hydration and reduce the chances of ingrown hairs, razor bumps, redness and itching.