How to shave your balls: shaving tips for men

How to shave your balls: shaving tips for men

Shaving your balls can be daunting. Thoughts of slipping razors or painful nicks may be racing through your head. Luckily, shaving your two companions doesn’t have to be intimidating, as long as you know what you’re doing. We’ve devised this simple guide to help you feel confident whilst shaving your balls.

Before you start

Get the right tools

Choosing the right tools to tackle your testicle hair is important for a safe shave. An electric trimmer, such as the Shave & Style, is essential to get your hair trimmed down without breaking the skin. It won’t be able to give you a super smooth shave, but if it’s your first time shaving down there, or you’re just looking for a tidy up, an electric trimmer will be suitable.

If you’re hoping for a completely hairless look, it’s better to opt for a double edge safety razor. These razors only have one blade, so there’s less chance of skin being pulled. However, be cautious, as these razors do take some practice, so make sure you’re already comfortable with how to use a safety razor.

Pre-trim the area

Before you begin shaving, it’s best to trim your pubic hair until it’s a shaveable length (half a centimetre is an ideal length to cooperate with a razor). Standing with one leg propped on a sturdy surface, you’ll need to use one of your hands to pull the skin taut. In the other hand, take your electric trimmer and carefully trim the area with as little contact with the skin as possible.

Take a warm shower

Here’s for the steamy bit. Take a warm shower or bath to soften the remaining stubble and open the pores for easier hair removal. The warmth will relax the skin and stimulate blood flow to your balls, making them loose and easy to move when shaving. Plus, it’s more hygenic.

Apply shaving product

Prepare your skin for shaving by applying a shaving cream or foam to help the razor blade glide over the skin without friction. Adding this step to your routine can help prevent irritation. Some shaving creams are clear, which can be useful when trying to see exactly what you’re doing and shave with precision.

The shaving begins

Pull the skin taut

Similarly to the trimming stage, keeping your skin taut is crucial for a good shave. Make sure to position yourself so that the surrounding skin is tight. You definitely don’t want to try shaving on loose skin, so the tighter the better.

Slow and steady

Although you probably want this to be over quickly, always take your time when shaving this sensitive area. Use slow and light strokes, in the direction of hair growth, for a safe shave. And remember to rinse your razor throughout to keep your razor clean and remove buildup of hair.


When you’re satisfied with the shave, give your balls a rinse with cold water. This closes the pores and minimises any ingrown hairs (if you’ve experienced ingrown hairs, you’ll know this would be unpleasant). After rinsing, pat the area dry instead of rubbing, to avoid irritation.

Apply after-shave balm

Now that your family jewels are looking silky smooth, it’s time for the aftercare process. Don’t be tempted to slap on your usual aftershave or you’ll be in for a surprising sting. Apply a gentle post-shave balm or oil that contains naturally soothing ingredients such as aloe – to soothe the skin and prevent irritation or bumps.

Common issues and how to solve them


Mild irritation is, well, irritating, but it usually clears up quickly on its own. To soothe the skin, try soaking in a warm bath, patting the area dry and applying a soothing lotion. Also, avoid shaving again until the irritation has cleared up.


If you suffer from red and painful blisters after shaving, you may have folliculitis – an infection at the hair root. Keep them clean and dry and treat with OTC antibiotic ointment. If the symptoms don’t improve or worsen, get it checked by a professional.

Nicks and cuts

Nicks and cuts are not unusual when shaving and they can draw a surprisingly large amount of blood – but don’t panic. Whilst these cuts may temporarily sting, they tend to heal easily. Just ensure the area is clean and absorb any blood with tissue.

Top tips for if you’re using an electric groomer

The shaving process is very similar when using an electric groomer for your tidy-up down there. Stand somewhere easy to clean such as in the bath or over a towel (you don’t want any pubes left behind!). Like with a razor, keeping the skin taut is essential. However, since there’s less chance of cutting yourself, you can shave against the grain if you want a closer shave.

Shaving will be quicker the electric way, but it’s still best to take your time. Finally, it’s recommended to continue with a post-shave routine. Your balls deserve it.

That’s it: everything you need to know about trimming your downstairs man-jungle. So go ahead, liberate your balls from their hairy prison with confidence.

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