How To Clean A Razor Head And Razor Blades

How To Clean A Razor Head And Razor Blades

Like anything that’s been expertly designed and precision engineered, Wilkinson Sword’s razors work best when they’re properly maintained. Keeping your razor clean makes all the difference to its performance - ensuring you get the effortlessly smooth shaving experience that you chose us for, and making the blades last as long as possible.

We’re not suggesting you spend hours on your driveway every Sunday morning scrubbing every inch of it like a vintage car (although we wouldn’t blame you for taking that much pride in it). It’s more about basic maintenance, good storage and a simple routine.

Knowing how to clean your razor and blades properly is as important as knowing how to shave in the first place. A poorly maintained razor is going to be about as much use as a rusty teaspoon in delivering the sharp style you’re looking for — and it’s going to increase your chances of getting nasty irritation, burns and bumps.

Cleaning your razor and blades while shaving

Cleaning your razor isn’t like cleaning the rest of your bathroom — you don’t have to take any time out from your busy routine to keep on top of it. This means there’s no excuse to only do it once every three months. Whether you use your razor to shave your chest hair, shave your face or even shave your head, it's so important to keep it clean.

Keeping your razor clean while you’re in the middle of your shave will ensure it’s well-maintained, so in order to keep your tools in tip-top condition all you’ve got to do is add a few of these simple steps (each of which involves the all-important rinse) into your grooming routine. Before you know it you’ll be multitasking without even noticing it.

1. Rinse your razor before you start

Even if you cleaned it thoroughly the last time you shaved and you’ve stored it correctly ever since (more on that later), it’s always worth running the razor under warm water before you begin. Have a look between the blades and around the back of the razor head to see if there’s any leftover debris that could cause you discomfort.

At the very least, you’ll activate the lubrication reservoirs that help ensure a smooth glide, as long as you’ve got a Wilkinson Sword razor with specially formulated gel pools like the Hydro 5 Skin Protection Advanced Men’s Razor.

2. Rinse your razor between strokes

You’d be amazed how much hair can come off in a single stroke, but our razor blades really don’t mess around. Rinsing between strokes not only keeps the blades clear of all that accumulated fuzz, but ensures the blades get the job done by staying sharp from the first stroke to the last.

This also increases the chances of your skin staying protected from irritation throughout — and you’ve only got to experience a rash or an ingrown hair once to know just how much you’ll want to avoid them.

3. Rinse your razor afterwards

Sounds a bit more obvious, this one, but it’s no less important. Run it under warm water again for a few seconds after you’ve finished shaving to clear the blades of leftover foam, hairs, dead skin, grime and other detritus that you don’t want lurking there between shaves. This will ensure your razor blades last longer, too, although it’s important to know how often to change them.

Don’t be tempted to bash your razor on the side of the sink — it might seem like an easy way to dislodge debris but it’s a surefire way to damage the blades.

Extra razor care tips

There are other easy steps you can take between shaves to prolong the life of your razor - keeping the need for replacement blades down to a minimum (although should you need them, our subscriptions really do take the faff out of shaving as well as saving you money).

1. Store your razor properly

Don’t just stick it on the edge of the bath or pop it in the shower next to your shampoo bottles. A damp bathroom surface is no place for a razor. Storing it securely in a dry place will prevent moisture from getting into it, which is key to keeping it working for longer.

There’s less chance of rust developing on the blades, and you’ll avoid creating the kind of cosy, welcoming environment that bacteria just loves to make its home in.

And that little plastic guard that you took off the razor head the first time you used it? Don’t throw it away — keep putting it back on the blade for extra protection.

And when your razor does finally each the end of it's life, make sure you dispose of the razor and blades safely.

2. Sharing isn’t caring

Sharing a bathroom shouldn’t mean sharing grooming tools. Grabbing the nearest razor that’s been lingering in the corner of the shower for months is probably going to do your skin more harm than good. You don’t know when it was last used or cleaned.

To save your skin from this unhygienic habit, store your razor separately from anyone else’s and keep a few spare disposable ones handy in case a guest forgets to bring theirs - after all, you wouldn’t lend them your toothbrush.

If you're already an expert at looking after your razors, why not read one of our guides on the best wet shave razors or the most environmentally-friendly razors?

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