5 ways to style & shave your moustache

5 ways to style & shave your moustache

If you’re considering growing your moustache but are unsure on which style to go for or how you’d even go about shaving it, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a short list of some of the most popular moustache styles that will help inspire your stache decision. Plus, by following our simple steps, you can shave with confidence and achieve your desired new look.

Popular moustache styles

The Chevron

A natural style for a moustache first-timer. The chevron is a timeless moustache style that follows the shape of the upper lip, creating a slight upside-down V shape. This style is super easy to maintain and requires minimal grooming, making it perfect for those who want an impressive moustache, without too much work.


A classic, old-school style. The pencil moustache goes way back to the 1930s but can definitely still be pulled off today. It’s very thin and subtle, but make no mistake, this barely-there moustache requires lots of maintenance to keep its perfectly neat shape.


A bold and unmistakable facial hair statement. The horseshoe is a thick and full moustache that connects with two vertical strips of cheek hair on either side of the mouth. It might take quite some time to grow but it’ll definitely be worth the wait if you are looking to stand out from the crowd.

Beard stache

A very popular style that brings the beard and moustache together. The beard stache combines a full moustache with stubble, creating a rugged look. You can have some fun with this style and play around with lengths until you find the ideal look for your face.


An edgy moustache with the ultimate curl factor. The handlebar moustache has been around for centuries but has recently become trendy again in the alternative, hip fashion. This moustache has a good length, and is waxed at the ends to give it those iconic curls on either side of the lips.

How to shape your moustache

Step 1: Choose your style

Before you grab your razor and start shaving, you have a big decision to make. Which moustache style are you going for? Whether it be one of our top picks or another style of your choice, make sure you have a clear vision of how you want your moustache to turn out. You may want to consider what style will look best on your face shape, or how committed you are to moustache maintenance. Once you have picked, make sure you have the right tools to create the look including a high-quality razor, such as the Wilkinson Sword Protector 3 razor, and an electric trimmer.

Step 2: Trimming your moustache

After having grown out your facial hair to a reasonable length, most moustache shaving will begin with trimming. Using a beard trimmer with an attached beard comb, such as the Wilkinson Sword Shave & Style trimmer, you need to choose your desired moustache length. Most beard trimmers have adjustable settings to make this part easier, such as the 3 length click-on precision combs provided with the Shave & Style. We recommend between 1-2 cms but see what works best for you. Now you can trim and even out your whole beard, including your moustache. This initial trim is helpful when first shaving your moustache as you can play around with lengths without accidentally taking too much off.

Step 3: Shaping your moustache

Now it’s time to transform your moustache by giving it shape and definition. Remove the beard comb and use your trimmer to directly shape your moustache. It is best to avoid the moustache area for now and focus on cleaning up your neck, cheeks and chin. Once it’s just the upper lip left, you can start working on creating the exact shape you are looking to achieve. It’s easiest to start wide at first and gradually work your way towards the sides of your moustache. Take your time whilst completing this step, because if you shave off too much you’ll have to wait for it to grow back. Also, it’s important to maintain symmetry to avoid the embarrassment of an uneven shave. Try alternating sides with every stroke to keep the sides as even as possible.

Step 4: Clean up your shave to sharpen look

Now that the main moustache shaping is complete, you can tidy up your look with a clean shave. Rinse your face with warm water to make sure it is hydrated and then apply our Barber’s Style Shaving Cream or an alternative shaving soap to the areas you want to be completely smooth, including your cheeks, chin and neck. By lathering up with shaving cream or soap you can avoid irritation and cuts. Now using a high-quality razor, you can begin to shave against the direction of your hair growth. Use single, light strokes and rinse the blades often throughout the shave to prevent the buildup of hairs and to establish a complete hair-free shave. Also, watch out for those hard to reach areas under your chin and around your jawline - you don’t want any stray hairs left there.

Step 5: Moisturise

At this stage, your moustache should be looking almost perfect. All that is left is to rinse your face and apply our hydrating Barber’s Style Face Moisturiser to keep your skin feeling smooth and comfortable.
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