How to Trim, Shave & Shape the Perfect Goatee

Ah, the goatee. It’s never quite in or out of fashion, is it? Every Hollywood A-lister from DiCaprio, to Hardy, to Travolta has sported one at some point or another — yet even when it’s taking red carpets around the world by storm there are always the naysayers. The anti-goateers, we might call them. Those who feel it’s a style best left back in the cop shows of the early 80s.

But if it’s well-executed, a goatee can be a seriously sharp statement. Pull it off, and you’ve got the perfect facial focal point — merging a beard and a moustache into one stylish package. And we’re all for experimenting with new styles on any part of your body.

That said, if you can sport a generous moustache but can’t quite get your chin beard to connect with it, you’re better off going for a different style altogether. You’ll need thick and well-defined facial hair all round for a convincing goatee.

If you’ve got the hair, here’s how to shape it into a solid goatee…

Shaving your goatee effectively

Prepare in advance! It’s worth deciding whether you want your goatee slimline or bold - either way, you’ll need to maintain it regularly to keep the shape in check. This will depend on the shape of your face, so it’s fine to experiment a little before you commit to your chosen style.

1. Trim the hair first

Everyone’s facial hair is different, so it’s important to level the playing field before you get started. Get your entire beard down to an even length - around 10mm is ideal - with an electric trimmer like the Wilkinson Sword Shave and Style. It has three precision combs for trimming hair at different lengths, so you can be sure that you’ll get your beard to the perfect starting point for a goatee.

Hair that’s dry and carefully brushed will always trim more easily - the less dead skin and grime your trimmer is picking up, the smoother the process.

2. Define the goatee

So you’ve decided which bit of your beard is going to stay put. Now, everything else needs to be trimmed down to a fine stubble. Start at the neck and the sideburns and work inwards towards your chin, being careful not to cross the imaginary lines that you’ve drawn for yourself. You want a clean all-round stubble that you can then shave later for more definition.

3. Get precise

By now you should be left with a strong-looking goatee — so the next step is removing any stray hairs that are softening the edges of it. Work around the edge lines with your trimmer, removing anything that makes it uneven, and then do the same along your top lip. Hairs growing into your mouth isn’t a good look on anyone, so make sure this line is just as clearly defined as the others.

4. Emphasise the effect with a clean shave

For a truly sharp goatee style you don’t want any other facial hair distracting from the main event. So where you’ve got leftover stubble from your earlier trim, get to work with a reliable razor like the Hydro 3 Skin Protection with its three blades and lubricating gel pools for all-over comfort.

Don’t forget a generous slathering of shave cream and to shave gently and carefully, without going over the same area more than once. The result will be a shave that not only highlights your new goatee but feels comfortable and hydrated too. No redness here!

5. Don’t forget your goatee maintenance

It takes effort to maintain perfection. Use a moisturiser daily to prevent dryness around the beard, but don’t neglect to wash it every few days, and make sure you stick a bit of conditioner in there to keep it fresh. If you’ve got a good beard oil, applying a small amount each day will help you keep things in check, too.

Before you know it, you’ll be on track for the GGOAT (greatest goatee of all time).