What to Put On Your Skin Pre & Post Shave?

What to Put On Your Skin Pre & Post Shave?

Whether you’re de-bearding or going for smooth legs, it’s too easy to think of skincare as an optional extra when it comes to shaving. Sure, the ultimate aim is to get rid of unruly hair in places you don’t want it – but there’s a reason we incorporate cutting-edge skincare into our flagship razors.

If the aim of shaving is comfort (and having pioneered razor-making for over a hundred years we know a thing or two about that) then proper skincare is the key to a successful shave. If your skin is left red, blotchy, inflamed and a bit cross then there was really no point in shaving in the first place.

Looking after your skin pre-shave

Hold it. Don’t go grabbing the razor just yet. In fact, don’t slather your skin in shave gel either. There are a few things to consider before you do. In order to be properly prepared for a shave, you need your hair to be as soft as possible and your skin to be as clean and hydrated as possible.

Shower before shaving

It’s always a good idea to shave after a bath or shower in order to maximise this (just take care to rinse afterwards and remove any shavings that have stuck to your damp skin).

Clean your face with a cleanser

Use a daily facial cleanser, regardless of whether you’re going to shave or not. Cleansing helps to remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells from your face and facial hair that can build up in your razor during shaving. If you skip this step, your pores won’t be clear and if you nick yourself whilst shaving, you’re more at risk of suffering irritation and razor bumps.

Moisturise your skin

Cleansing removes your skin’s natural oils that are essential to keeping it nourished. To rehydrate the skin after cleansing, be sure to use a moisturiser to prevent dryness before and after shaving. This will keep your skin looking healthy and you’ll be able to notice smoother shaving results when your skin has been properly prepared.

Use shaving cream or gel

Applying a shaving cream, gel or foam before shaving is incredibly important and should be incorporated into your regular shaving routine. Using shaving products helps to lubricate the skin, along with lifting the hairs to make them easier to shave. If you have particularly sensitive skin, take a read of our guide on the best shaving cream for those with sensitive skin.

Looking after your skin post-shave

Looking sharp! That’s your stubble taken care of, but you’re not finished yet. You might be in a hurry to catch your train to work, but post-shave skincare is not to be rushed. Taking a few moments to give your skin the attention it deserves after going at it with a razor will ensure you enjoy the full benefits of a good shave – and keep your skin looking as good as it does right now.

Rinse your skin with cold water

As soon as you put the razor down, rinse your skin with cold water. Not only will this remove any excess shaving gel, but it will close up your pores – helping to reduce irritation and stop any dirt getting trapped.

Apply post-shave balm

Use a good-quality post-shave balm to soothe, cool and revitalise the skin. You’ve really put your skin through it by going over it with a sharp razor, and a balm will help it get back to its best. It will re-moisturise as well as (hopefully) nipping any post-shave irritation in the bud.

Avoid after-shave

Avoid after-shave for a while. It might be called after-shave, but now’s not the time to spray it – you’ll dry and irritate newly exposed skin and undo all your efforts.

Check if your razor needs replacing

Take a good look at your razor. Is it time to throw it away? Using old, dull blades will only increase the risk of skin irritation, so make sure you’re replacing them regularly with fresh refills. One of our handy razor subscriptions will keep you topped up.

If you're looking for more information on how to take care of your skin whilst shaving, take a read of our guides on the best shaving cream to use with a safety razor and the best shaving cream alternatives.


Can’t I just dry shave?

No. We would never recommend dry shaving – using protective products and a solid skincare routine will not only prevent razor burn but give you a much better shave.

How do I treat razor burn?

Following the steps above should protect you against razor burn, but if it’s too late for that then cool the affected area straight away with a damp cloth. Use a highly sensitive hydrating balm to gently moisturise the skin, and drink plenty of water – then make sure you leave the skin time to heal properly.

I’m still getting razor burn with shave gel. What can I do?

There could be a number of reasons why your skin is affected, and you might need to do more to clean it pre-shave – but try specially designed razors like the Hydro and Hydro Silk ranges. They provide extra hydration and game-changing protective measures against irritation.

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