How to get a clean shave: our top tips

What does clean-shaven mean? 

It’s obvious isn’t it? The goal is a clean shave. This means no stubble or beard and the smoothest, closest shave possible. Although beards may have become popular in recent years, the clean shave is a timeless look that’s guaranteed to make you appear professional and well-groomed. It’s the perfect way to highlight your facial features including a strong jawline (think Henry Cavill as Superman). It’s a super easy look to get in a few simple steps. Here’s all you need to know. 

5 steps to achieve a clean shave

  1. Prepare your face and soften your facial hair 

Start by washing your face with a gentle cleanser to remove any dirt or sweat from your skin. It’ll also help to open your pores and soften your facial hair so that they’re easier to shave. Although warm water helps, avoid taking a hot shower before shaving as it can leave your skin clammy and puffy which makes it difficult to shave over. It’s also worth noting that if you have long facial hair and are taking the plunge to a clean-shaven face, you’ll need to trim your beard first. 

  1. Apply shaving foam generously 

When your face is completely dry, you can apply our Barber’s Style shave cream or shaving foam. Lather it well and cover it over your face. Shaving foam adds a protective layer which helps the razor glide more smoothly, preventing nicks and cuts. The thick foam also raises short hairs so they’re easier to shave off. 

  1. Shave lightly in the direction of hair growth 

When it’s time to take the razor to your face, shave lightly. Too much pressure on your face can easily cause skin irritation and shaving burn. Start by shaving in the direction of the hair growth and rinse frequently between strokes. This keeps the razor clean so it works more efficiently. 

  1. Shave a second time against the hair growth 

The term ‘shave against the grain’ is often cringed at because it’s associated with unpleasant ingrown hairs and shaving burns. However, for a perfect clean shave, going against the direction of hair growth can help get a much smoother shave. It can be difficult to determine the direction of hair growth on the face as facial hair tends to grow in multiple directions, so you’ll probably end up shaving against the grain without even knowing. But either way, it can be good to revisit shaven areas a second time in the opposite direction to catch any traces of stubble. 

  1. Apply aftershave 

Once you’re clean shaved, splash your face with cold water to remove any leftover shaving foam and close your pores. When it’s dry, apply a few drops of post-shave balm or face moisturiser to your hands and then pat onto your face and neck. 

Avoiding cuts and nicks 

Any type of shaving brings the risk of nasty nicks and cuts – those horrible ones that sting and bleed an unnecessary amount. Well, there’s plenty of ways to avoid this happening when shaving your face. 

Using a high quality, sharp razor such as the Hydro Comfort Skin Reset, is one of the most important things to avoid ‘ouch’ moments. Dull blades are more likely to pull your skin and will require repeated strokes over sensitive skin, increasing the chances of cuts and irritation. This is why it’s important to change your razor blade when it’s needed, particularly with disposable razors

Take your time when shaving because a rushed job usually ends up with sloppy shaving technique, resulting in more painful nicks. Also remember to be gentle with your skin. Your razor should do its job without you applying too much pressure. 

Don’t miss those tricky, hard to shave areas 

Some areas of the face are much more difficult to shave properly such as the awkward edges of your jawline. Paying attention to these hard to reach areas is important for that all over clean-shaven look. 

Under the nose is known for its tricky-to-shave-ness and I’m sure you’ve caught a glimpse of stray hairs sitting on your upper lip before. Try curling your lip under your teeth to flatten the skin above for an easier shave. Similarly, if you’re struggling to shave your chin, tuck your bottom lip inward towards your mouth to tighten the skin. Warning: you’ll probably look a little funny so better lock the bathroom door, or risk being caught pulling faces at yourself in the mirror.