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Designed like no other razor to protect skin against irritation for a smooth, comfortable shave. 

Hydro is ideal for those looking for skin protection high performance and quality in their shaving experience.

Water Activated Gel Pools

Designed to help protect against irritation and hydrates throughout each shave.

5 Ultra Glide Blades with Skin Guards

Helps smooth over the skin to prevent them from getting caught between the blades as they pass over the face.

man shaving with wilkinson sword hydro 5 razor

Flip Trimmer

With the flick of a thumb the gel pools flips back*, exposing the blades for precise trimming of sideburns, or for getting into the hard-to-reach spots under the nose.

*only on the Hydro 5

Hydro 5

Ultimate Gel Protection

Featuring a water activated gel pool* that is designed to protect skin from irritation and delivers 40% less friction than a lubrication strip.** Innovative skin guards across 5 ultra-glide blades help to smooth the skin’s surface, while the flip trimmer helps trim tight spaces with ease. It’s ideal for those who are looking for skin protection against irritation, high performance and quality in their razor.

*Hydrates throughout each shave

** Average vs. Quattro Titanium lubrication strip

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for a value shave

With the same water activated gel pool that helps protect from irritation and hydrates throughout each shave, the Hydro 3 offers you an effortless shave at a great value.

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Hydro 5 Sense logo

For a customised shave

The Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Sense Razor is designed to give you a personalised shave. Equipped with shock absorption technology, it auto-adjusts based on how you shave to help protect from irritation. The innovative shock absorb technology features a mechanism that ‘senses’ when different pressure is exerted on the skin and auto adjusts to provide the optimum amount of pressure.

Available in 3 different handle colours and 3 unique gel varieties to cater to different skin.

  • Energize – for normal skin
  • Hydrate – for dry skin
  • Comfort – for sensitive skin

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For your trimming needs

The Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Groomer is a convenient 4 in 1 styling tool that trims, shaves, edges and hydrate throughout each shave. An all in one tool to maintain and style your facial and body shaving needs. It simplies any grooming ritual whilst leveraging our best in class technology of Hydro for a precise shave that protects and hydrate the skin throughout each shave.

In addition to the benefit of the Hydro 5 razor, the Hydro 5 Groomer comes with a built in power trimmer that features a wide comb with 3 adjustable settings so you can easily achieve your desired trim length and style. The trim blade is also easily removable for cleaning and rinsing.

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