Intuitive Bikini Wax Box


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Enjoy our 3 step routine for up to 28 days of silky-smooth skin.
Step 1: prepare your skin using our lovely cooling water
Step 2: remove the hair with our ready to use, no-heat wax strips - effective even on short hair! Care for your skin with the post-wax oil wipe, to remove any wax residue and leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturized
Step 3: After 24 hours apply our gentle ingrown hair balm to help minimize the appearance of ingrown hairs
Made with 94% natural origin ingredients, including a touch of menthol and hemp seed and calendula oils
Ready to feel beautifully smooth?

Watch the tutorial here.
Only use the products on clean, dry and healthy skin.
Step 1 - Prepare: massage the Cooling Water thoroughly and let it absorb completely (at least 1min).
Step 2 - Remove: for best results, the hairs should be 2-5mm long. Slowly pull the wax strips apart. If they are too stiff, warm them briefly between your hands. Place the strip on the skin & smooth it repeatedly in the direction of hair growth. Stretch your skin and pull the wax strip off as quickly as possible parallel to the skin and against the direction of hair growth. Use the same strip repeatedly until it no longer sticks to the skin. Care: use the post wax oil wipes to moisturize your skin and remove wax residue.
Step 3 - After 24 hours post hair removal, start using the Ingrown Hair Balm to helps prevent ingrown hairs (if used regularly). Apply a thin layer of the balm to your skin every day. If your skin is irritated, use the balm only twice a week.

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