How To Shave & Trim Pubic Hair For Men

When compared with the carefully styled barnet atop your head, or the proudly cultivated beard adorning your chin, something about your pubic hair seems to invite neglect. Despite the importance of a well-tended patch when the, er occasion calls for it, most of the time it’s possible not to give your pubic hair a second thought – just like the hair on most parts of your body.

Yet it’s faster-growing, coarser and a good bit more stubborn than regular fuzz, so to avoid itchiness, discomfort and clumsy last-minute grooming, it’s well worth getting into a pubic haircare routine. You might just choose to trim your pubic hair, but if you decide to go for the full shave make sure you follow these steps…

1. Shower before you start

We shouldn’t need to remind you that you’re approaching a delicate area with a rather sharp object. So before wielding a razor anywhere near your precious cargo, take either a bath or shower to fully prepare your skin and hair.

Softening your pubic hair with warm water will prevent painful pulling once you start shaving (remember that your razor won’t glide over the pubic region half as easily as the beard on the side of your face) and keep nicks and cuts to a minimum. You’re also making sure your skin is properly cleaned which can help prevent folliculitis, a common and uncomfortable post-shaving condition.

2. Trim first, shave later

If you’re stepping tentatively into the world of pubic grooming then it’s likely that the hair down there is unruly and uneven. Your first concern is to trim it down to a manageable length that will mean you’re only really using a razor or disposable razor to finish off the job. You can also check our our guide on the best razors for pubic hair to avoid ingrown hairs.

Use a reliable electric trimmer with the guard firmly in place (or a VERY carefully wielded pair of scissors) to precisely and slowly tidy everything up. You’ll be tackling some hard-to-reach spots, so trimming down there requires a little more attention than up here. Use different comb settings to keep the whole patch to a consistent length, and once the majority is off then you’re ready to shave. And if you're looking to shave in a particular style, check our our guide on manscaping ideas.

3. Apply shave gel generously

It doesn’t get more sensitive than this, so protect your skin to ease your shave. Make sure you apply a thick layer of shaving gel or cream to the whole pubic region, in order to not only increase the glide of your razor and protect you from razor burn – but to help the skin recover more quickly afterwards. A good quality shave gel will have hydrating and revitalising elements rather than just acting as a shaving lubricant.

4. Shave with caution

This is where it gets serious. Before anything else, check your razor blades are fresh and clean. Dull blades are bound to cause nicks, cuts, skin irritation and all sorts of things that you don’t particularly want in that region. One way to ensure hygiene is to dedicate a specialised, durable razor (like the Hydro 5 Body Razor) solely to this task – don’t go at it with the one you use for your beard every morning.

Pull the groin skin as taut as you comfortably can and use short, careful strokes. Rinse the blade between strokes. If you take your time, keep the shave gel topped up and shave with only light pressure then the hairs should come off painlessly and easily.

5. Moisturise, and moisturise again

You’ve just shaved an area that isn’t necessarily used to being groomed, so make sure your skin thanks you by using a soothing post-shave balm to calm it down. Apply it all over the area you’ve shaved and then rinse with cold water to close up any open pores. Then give your pubic region plenty of time to recover before shaving it again.


How often should I shave my pubic hair?

Whether you’re trying it for the first time or are in a regular routine, there is no rule for how often you should shave or groom your pubic hair. Keep it to a length that feels comfortable, and if shaving make sure you give your skin time to recover so it doesn’t get irritated.

Why do I get ingrown pubic hairs?

Ingrown hairs are more likely to happen when skin is inflamed or irritated, so make sure you use plenty of shave gel and clean, new blades when shaving your pubic region with a disposable razor.

Should I wash my pubic hair with shampoo?

No. The ingredients of products like shampoo can irritate the skin in the pubic region which is particularly sensitive, so using hot water and soap while showering will do the job.