How to soften pubic hair: grooming tips for women

How to soften pubic hair: grooming tips for women

Have you ever wondered how to soften pubic hair? Pubic hair is naturally thicker and more coarse than hair that grows on other parts of your body. But like other hair, your pubic hair requires natural oils to stay healthy. If your body doesn't produce enough essential oils, your pubic hair can become dry, and this tends to cause irritation to sensitive skin and itching after shaving. The best way to fight off this discomfort is by softening your pubic hair. The good news is that softening pubic hair is super easy and we are sharing exactly how you can do it.

Why is pubic hair coarse and curly?

This is a burning question that has no real definitive answer. However, there are some theories that attempt to answer why our pubic hair is more coarse and curly than the hair on our heads. Going back to a time when most of us roamed around half-naked, it has been suggested our pubic hair is curly because it does a better job capturing and holding the pheromones that are produced by our sweat glands. Perhaps our natural odours made us more attractive to each other before we made amazing smelling shaving soap?

Or a more relatable answer would be that pubic hair's coarse and curly nature plays an important role in sexual health. According to studies, the removal of pubic hair can increase the chances of sexually transmitted infections (STI’s). This is because the skin in the pubic area is sensitive and prone to cuts and scrapes caused by shaving. These cuts can be a micro gateway for bacteria and infections to enter our bodies. However, by softening your pubic hair and shaving correctly, this becomes significantly less of a risk.

7 ways to soften your pubic hair

Moisturise your pubic area

A common question we get from people looking for pubic hair home remedies is; “Can you put conditioner on pubic hair?” Our answer: yes. Using a conditioner is a quick way to soften prickly pubic hair. Applying the conditioner to your pubic area, leaving it on for a short period of time and then washing it away, is an effective way to soften coarse pubic hair.

Use vitamin E-rich oil

Another effective way to soften pubic hair is by using vitamin E-rich oil and other natural products containing vitamin A. Vitamin E-rich oil helps to unclog pores and rehydrate your skin down below. This helps to prevent ingrown hairs and is a great way to make your pubic hair that little bit more comfortable after shaving.

Try a homemade hydrating masque

If creativity and home remedies are your thing, you should try making a homemade hydrating masque. Caring for sensitive skin by using natural oils is becoming increasingly popular. These remedies can also be used to soften pubic hair naturally. Popular ingredients worth trying are argan, olive and coconut oils. Naturally, these ingredients help penetrate the skin deeply, helping to lock in essential oils, resulting in healthy, less scratchy pubic hair.

Drink lots of water

Hydration, hydration, hydration! We all know by now that uncomfortable coarse pubic hair and ingrown and itchy pubic hair both have a common enemy — dehydration. By drinking lots of water, you are ensuring your body can keep producing essential oils that will work hard to keep your pubic hair in good, scratch free condition. Our bodies are made up of around 60% water, therefore drinking lots of water is a great way to soften pubic hair naturally.

Comb your pubic hair

Pubic hair can become uncomfortable because it’s thick and prone to getting tangled. A great way to prevent this is by combing your pubic hair. After all, you most likely use a comb on your head, to stop your hair from getting tangled and knotted, so it makes sense to have a comb for downstairs too right?.

Trim your hair frequently

If you prefer to keep your pubic hair short / shaved, then trimming your pubic hair often helps keep it soft. Using a trimmer is a great way to keep your pubic hair under control, healthy and more comfortable. Using a high-quality trimmer instead of scissors can help get a safer and more even finish.

Shave in the right direction

You want to avoid uncomfortable, coarse and ingrown hair, like the plague, right? Then make sure you are shaving your pubic region in the right direction. You should be shaving “with” the hair, which means the direction the hair is growing (this is most commonly downwards).

What helps itchy pubic hair?

Stopping pubic hair itching is an essential battle you must win. By ensuring your pubic hair is softened and well hydrated, and by following safe shaving practices, itchy pubic hair should become a distant memory. These tasks may seem daunting, but actually, the tips we have shared above are easy to follow and highly effective. Try them out for yourself!

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