What Is The Best Shaving Cream To Use For Sensitive Skin?

Shaving sensitive skin can be a real pain, leaving your skin irritated, bumpy and inflamed. But no need to panic, there are plenty of great products and lots of helpful expert advice which you can use to avoid those annoying ingrown hairs and red patches!

Shaving cream is an essential part of most shaving routines, so you want to pick the right product, and know how to use it properly, especially if you have sensitive skin. While shaving cream provides a smoother surface for your razor to travel across, some shaving products just aren’t as good at taking care of more delicate skin. That’s why at Wilkinson Sword, we’ve used our shaving expertise to create products which cater specifically for those of us with more easily irritated skin.

How to shave sensitive skin

Shaving sensitive skin is a delicate business, but there are some simple steps you can use which will give you a more comfortable shave without any hassle.

  • Firstly, you need to pick a really good razor. There are plenty of brilliant razors which have been especially developed for use on sensitive skin. We think it’s best to look for a razor with built in gel pools or some other kind of lubricant quality. It’s also vital that you check that the razor blades are sharp, as a blunt blade will only scratch and irritate your skin more.
  • Soak your skin with plenty of warm water before you start shaving, or do it following a nice hot shower when your skin is warm and damp. This helps to soften the hairs and open your pores, creating better conditions for a good shave.
  • Don’t skimp on the shaving cream. Make sure you work up a really good lather and cover your skin in a thick layer.
  • Avoid rushing your shave. Instead, use slow but firm movements, following the direction the hairs are growing in rather than shaving against the grain. It can be really helpful to use your fingers to hold your skin taut while you shave, as this helps prevent nicks and cuts.
  • Follow up with aftercare. Using a post-shave balm, or alternatively just your favourite moisturiser, can help rehydrate your skin and soothe it.

You can find more helpful tips on how to shave sensitive skin on the Wilkinson Sword blog.

Is shaving cream, foam or gel better for sensitive skin?

There are lots of different products available to help you get a better shave. Nowadays, you’re spoilt for choice in the shaving aisle, with gels, soaps, creams and foams all at your fingertips! But that can make choosing what’s right for you a bit more complicated.

The truth is, all of these kinds of products have a similar core function; they create a slippery damp surface on top of your skin, allowing your razor to glide over more smoothly. Reducing the friction between the razor and your skin means you avoid irritation. The differences between shaving creams, foams, gels and soaps usually come in their texture, and in their skincare properties.

Shaving soaps generally come in a solid form, and you use a shaving brush to whip up a lather. Meanwhile, foams come in an already lathered state and are very light and airy in texture. Shaving gels, on the other hand, don’t produce such a foamy lather, but are heavier and slicker in texture. This makes them more lubricating, meaning that your razor glides very smoothly. This is why Wilkinson Sword’s Hydro range of razors include hidden pools of shaving gel, to create a smooth and slick barrier between your skin and the blade. Shaving creams generally don’t produce such a light lather but instead have a rich, creamy texture and are more moisturising than soaps and foams.

At Wilkinson Sword, we think that gels and creams are the best way to go when shaving sensitive skin. They provide the best protection against irritation, and help to avoid dryness.

Which shaving creams are best for sensitive skin?

Finding a great shaving cream can really transform your shave, making it easier and more comfortable. Thankfully a wide range of options have become available in recent years, meaning you can pick the right one for your skin type and budget. Here’s what to look for when shopping for a shaving cream for sensitive skin.

Soothing and moisturising ingredients

Look for products which contain high quality ingredients with soothing and moisturising properties. For example, look out for shaving creams which contain aloe vera and Vitamin E, both of which are known for keeping sensitive skin calm, soft and hydrated.

Free of artificial fragrances and dyes

Artificial additives might help give shaving creams nice colours and strong fragrances, but they can also irritate sensitive skin and leave it feeling itchy and uncomfortable. Look out for options which don’t contain artificial dyes and fragrances which can aggravate your skin even more rather than soothing it.

Formulated for your skin type

If you have sensitive skin, keep your eye out for a shaving cream that specifically says that it’s designed for your skin type. You might even be able to find one that is made especially for sensitive and dry skin, or sensitive and oily skin. Look for something that suits your specific needs.

If you’re looking for a high quality but affordable shaving cream which is formulated with Vitamin E to protect sensitive skin, check out Wilkinson Sword’s Hydro 5 Sense Hydrate Shave Cream. It’s perfect for dehydrated skin and is free of irritating artificial dyes, so it will leave your skin feeling calm and soft.

There are also plenty of shaving cream alternatives that can be used instead.