Eco Friendly Razors: A Guide

Over the last decade or so, most of us have arrived at something you could comfortably call eco-conscious. You’ve only got to walk down the high street to notice it – people are swigging ice-cold water from reusable bottles, we drink our morning lattes from the same old reliable vessel every day and fast food restaurants no longer dish out fistfuls of plastic straws.

Some people have campaigned vocally against unnecessary waste for years, others have had to be dragged kicking and screaming away from their single-use habits; but the one thing we’ve all got in common is that the sight of trapped sea life and plastic-choked oceans in Blue Planet II was enough to put us off our old ways for good.

Going green in the bathroom

However, while environmental awareness and the war on plastic have truly transformed the way we drink fluids, they’ve not made quite as much of a dent in other areas of our day-to-day lives. Sure, we remember to switch lights off whenever we can, we don’t use the washing machine on a daily basis and we reuse carrier bags for as long as possible – but when was the last time you cast a green-minded eye over your bathroom cabinet?

From cotton buds and wet wipes to shaving razors, grooming routines for men and women alike make a staggering contribution to the tonnes of household plastic waste we generate. Of course, with our hectic lifestyles, most times you stand in front of the bathroom mirror you’ve barely got time to brush your teeth properly, let alone think about the health of the planet. But with Wilkinson Sword’s latest innovation, it’s possible to keep things simple and convenient while staying eco-conscious…

Introducing the Xtreme 3 Eco Green

At Wilkinson Sword we’ve made a habit of crafting game-changing razors that transform the way you shave – and we’ve been doing it since 1898. From the Pall Mall safety razor to the Hydro 5 Skin Protection Sensitive, we’re never far from the latest breakthrough in shaving technology, but we’re especially proud of our latest unveiling.

The Xtreme 3 Eco Green and Xtreme 3 Beauty Eco Green offer a completely guilt-free shave, whatever your style. With a recycled and recyclable handle and packaging, it barely leaves a footprint on the environment, while offering all the powerful performance and precision-engineered design that you’d expect from Wilkinson Sword.

New materials, same great shave

Although we’ve used 95% recycled plastic to build the handle and 100% recycled cardboard to package up the Eco Green, there’s absolutely no need to compromise when it comes to a reliable shave. Like the Xtreme 3 Sensitive, it boasts unique blade-bending technology that pivots and flexes to hug contours for a close, smooth shave.

The lubricating strip is formulated with aloe, making this a great razor for sensitive skin, and the easy rinse design helps to keep blades from getting clogged up. Plus, the handle’s sturdy ergonomic grip is made without rubber to ensure it’s fully recyclable.

Disposing of your razor responsibly

It’s all well and good using responsible materials to make a fully functioning razor that delivers an incredible shave – but you’ve got your part to play too. One of the best things about the Xtreme 3 Eco Green is how easy it is to recycle. Just pop the blade off as shown on the packaging, throw it away responsibly and recycle everything that’s left.

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