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Vintage Razors & Shaving Products

Master the art of a classic shave!

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Wilkinson Sword makes you the master of classic wet shaving!

We have been sharpening styles since 1772 – helping men to express their individuality and style. With the stylish Classic collection, we bring the barbershop to the bathroom; a double-edge razor, shaving soap and brush are the essentials of a Classic shaving regime that have stood the test of time. Whether shaping, shortening or shaving completely, the Classic collection includes all the grooming tools you need to sharpen your style.

Classic Double Edge Razor

With its timeless design, the Wilkinson Sword Classic Double-Edge razor is robust, elegant and easy to use. A high-quality handle with a butterfly opening and locking mechanism, which enables the blades to be changed easily. The double blade technology increases the life of the blade delivering a close and comfortable shave – with a PTFE coating to reduce friction during the shave.

  • Double edge blade technology
  • PTFE coating reduces friction during the shave
  • Easy to use and great for trimming
  • Butterfly opening and locking mechanism

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Classic Double Edge Razor Blades

Wilkinson Sword’s Classic Double-Edge blades have a PTFE coating which reduces friction and ensures a smooth and comfortable shave. The double-sided blade technology increases the life of the blade. The blades are 47 mm wide and compatible with all common double-blade razors.

  • Double edge technology
  • The PTFE coating reduces friction during shaving
  • Compatible with all standard double edge razors
  • Blades 47mm

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Vintage Shaving Brush

The Wilkinson Sword Vintage Shaving Brush is made with the finest bristles to exfoliate the skin and prepare for shaving. When used with the Wilkinson Sword Vintage Soap, a rich lather is created which prepares you for a smooth and effortless shave.

Application Tips:

  • Wash brush with warm water after use
  • Leave to dry completely after use
  • Do not use strong cleaning agents or disinfectants – soapy water works brilliantly!

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Vintage Shaving Soap

Experience a smooth, comfortable shave with the Wilkinson Sword Vintage Shaving Soap.This hard soap combines with hot water to generate a rich, creamy lather which softens the facial hair, ensuring you are well prepared for an excellent shave.

Moisturising agents are used to hydrate tired skin and give it a fresh and healthy glow.

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The Vintage Cut Throat Razor

The vintage razor is making a comeback.

For the complete Classic shave, try our Vintage cut-throat razor

With a handle in a cool wood finish and the matching Classic interchangeable blades. Ideal for complete shaving, as well as beard styling – a little practice makes perfect!

  • With a sturdy wooden handle
  • Delivers a close shave or simply beard styling, depending on your needs
  • Classic blades are triple refined to ensure a comfortable shave

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Vintage Beard Scissors

To sharpen your style! The new high-quality, Wilkinson Sword Vintage beard scissors are well designed to ensure precision trimming of your beard.

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