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Bikini Trimmers & Razors

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Bikini Trimmers & Razors

At Wilkinson Sword we know how important your style is and that’s why we have spent the last 120 years perfecting the art of making the right women’s razor blades for you. Whatever body part that you decide you want to trim, we have a product that will help you achieve this and over the years we have developed different razors to fit your individual lifestyle BUT we were the first to bring you a 2 in 1 women’s trimmer shaver.

The Quattro For Women Bikini razor was the first of our 2 in 1 lady trimmers to hit the market and was the only razor to shave, trim and transform. This was a razor designed for girls who demand more! If you are looking for our closest shave then our Hydro Silk Bikini trimmer gives ladies the best treatment for whatever style they want. The Wilkinson Sword womens bikini trimmers allow you to shave your legs and those intimate parts all from one razor. The best part is that they are fully waterproof meaning they will be your favorite companion in the shower.

We don’t mind what style you go for, but if you need some inspiration, why not check out our blogs for some pointers or for some of the best tips on how to get the best from your Wilkinson Sword ladies hair trimmers.

If it’s hassle free shaving that you are looking for, then check out our subscriptions page where you can be in complete control over a shave plan with a wide choice of women trimmers razor blades that best suits you.