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Male & Female Grooming Products

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Male & Female Grooming Products

We know what we’re talking about when it comes to a close shave. Ever since Wilkinson Sword unveiled our first safety razor back in 1898, we’ve been perfecting the art of styling.

Way back then it was James Wilkinson (the son of our founder, Henry Nock) who decided that his established sword-making business should have a go at male grooming products. An amply bearded and moustachioed gentleman himself, he knew that over a century of experience in manufacturing blades would allow Wilkinson Sword to revolutionise the humble shave with unique and unbeatable ideas. We’re still coming up with them today.

To keep his facial fuzz looking as sharp as possible, he designed the safety razor (now known as a refillable razor) to create definition and ensure a fuss-free grooming technique. To this day, the classic double-edged razor is your perfect tool for creating a well-sculpted beard.

Since then, we’ve made a staggering range of great male and female grooming products, all rooted in our old-fashioned sword-making and all designed to help bring out your individual style. Whichever part of your body you’re styling, Wilkinson Sword can help you lather and shave as closely as possible with even our most basic products – after all, a soap bowl and shaving brush have stood the test of time because they’ll still give you the best results.

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