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Wilkinson Sword has been perfecting the art of styling for the last 120 years as this was when we released our first safety razor to the world. James Wilkinson, who was the son of Henry Nock (Our founder) created the sword making element to the business. He used to have a beard and moustache and decided that using his sword making abilities to create male grooming products would help him be able to create a unique style that other man wouldn’t be able to compete with.

In order to have a crisp looking beard James Wilkinson felt that a safety razor, or a refillable razor in todays world, would help create definition and give him the key to creating a key beard grooming technique. The classic double edge razor is a perfect tool for cleaning up those beard edges and giving you an epic definition for your beard.

Roll this on into the modern world and Wilkinson Sword has some great male grooming products that will help achieve your style. Whether you are growing a beard or not, we can help you lather and shave with our soap bowl or shaving brush, a traditional way that has lasted the test of time and still gives you the best results.

Whether it’s male grooming or female grooming is something that we believe is a key part to freeing yourself and showing off your style. That’s why we have created more than just razors and blades to help you do this, we have a manicure range forged from the old swords and for the more modern-day approach, an eyebrow shaper to keep those eyebrows looking tidy.