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Men’s Razor & Shaving Subscriptions

Men’s Razor & Shaving Subscriptions

Take the hassle out of shaving with our easy subscription packages.

Choose your blades

Select the blades you need for your favourite razor.

Decide how many you need

Make sure you have plenty to allow for regular refreshing of your razor’s blades.

best stubble for your face shape

And how often you need them

Maintain your beard style with deliveries every month, 2 months or 3 months.

Enjoy the benefits of your Subscription

1. Amend or cancel anytime
2. Save 15% on all razor blades
3. Never pay for delivery

Amend my subscription now

Choose your blades

Men’s Razor & Shaving Subscriptions

You need razors that are on your side. Razors that won’t let you down when you’re already running ten minutes late for the train. Razors with hundreds of years of innovation behind them. Razors that stand proudly on the bathroom windowsill waiting to be called into action.

Why choose a shaving subscription?

Grimacing in the mirror as you cut your cheek on another cheap blade. Huffing as your last remaining razor gives up on you mid-shave. Sighing as you absent-mindedly stroke your chin during an office meeting, only to notice a neglected patch sprouting from one side of your face.

Shaving should be a pleasure that leaves you ready to face the day. Whatever’s caused you to fall out of love with it, a Wilkinson Sword shaving subscription might just be the thing to make amends.

Why should I ditch my old razor?

Routinely clean blades will ensure you’re looking sharper in no time. Not only will they reduce nicks, cuts and burns, but they’re a hygiene no-brainer. Old blades harbour dead skin, grime, hair, bacteria and other things you don’t want to be smearing all over your face each morning – so your skin will thank you.

What are the benefits of a shaving subscription?

  • ✔ Immediate savings on time and money
  • ✔ Less waste (you use a refillable razor instead of disposables)
  • ✔ No skin irritation or cuts caused by old blades
  • ✔ Razors that meet your exact requirements
  • ✔ Exclusive offers for our subscribers
  • ✔ Flexibility. You’re in control!

How do I get started?

Just choose your blades, choose your frequency and wait for your first batch to come through your door!