Wilkinson SwordOur story

Founded | 1772

Wilkinson Sword was founded by Henry Nock in 1772 in London.  As its name suggests, Henry initially created the company to manufacture swords, as well as guns.  Over time the company began to diversify its product lines, going on to manufacturer a wide range of items such as bayonets, typewriters, garden shears, scissors and even motorcycles!

Old photograph of Henry Nock

‘Pall Mall’ safety razor | 1898

After 100 years of sword and gun making, Wilkinson Sword diversify into the first of many razor innovations, producing the ‘Pall Mall’ safety razor.

black and white photograph of the pall mall safety razor
Black and white photograph of a motorbike

Innovation | 1903

In 1903 Wilkinson Sword built some of the earliest motorcycles in the UK and in 1911 they developed the Wilkinson TMC for military reconnaissance.  Unfortunately it failed to impress and by the end of spring 1916 production came to an end and the company were called on to produce thousands of bayonets for the war effort.

Pushing Boundaries | 1962

Wilkinson Sword continued to push boundaries and 1962 saw the company introducing the first stainless steel razor blade. This revolutionised the market as it meant users only required one blade per week rather than one a day, and very soon Wilkinson Sword became a leader in the sector and continues to be so.


The ‘Bonded System T70’ is the first safety blade whereby the blade is fixed in plastic housing.


Wilkinson Sword launches ‘Protector’ internationally renowned for its ergonomic design.


Wilkinson Sword introduces ‘Lady Protector’, the first safety razor to protect women from nicks and cuts.


Wilkinson Sword launches twin blade ‘FX’ razor designed for extraordinary comfort.


Wilkinson Sword introduces the new razor platform ‘Quattro’ the first 4 blade men’s system razor.


A big year for Wilkinson Sword as it launches ‘Quattro for women’, the first female 4 blade high performance razor and extended the men’s portfolio by adding titanium coated blades with the introduction of ‘Quattro Titanium’.


Building on the successful ‘Quattro’ franchise, Wilkinson Sword introduces Quattro disposables for both men and women, as well as another world first with the 3-in-1 razor ‘Quattro Titanium Precision’.


Wilkinson Sword launches ‘Quattro for Women Bikini’, the first and only 2-in-1 women’s razor with bikini trimmer.


Wilkinson Sword launches the revolutionary Hydro shave care range that reduces irritation and hydrates the skin throughout each shave.


Wilkinson Sword extends the Hydro mega brand with the launches of Hydro Silk and Hydro Power Select.


Wilkinson Sword launches the Hydro 5 Groomer, the first 4-in-1 razor to appear on the UK market.


Wilkinson Sword continues to build the Hydro product line by introducing the Hydro 5 Sensitive and the Hydro Silk Bikini.


Women’s systems and blades get a new outfit, revealing a fashionable black look.


Wilkinson Sword launches the Hydro 5 Sense Energize and Comfort razors with an innovative built-in shock absorber.

looking ahead

Despite being a far cry from its roots – although Wilkinson Sword did continue to make swords for a time, even crafting the ceremonial sword for Queen Elizabeth II’s golden jubilee in 2002 – the ethics of the company and its approach to producing only the highest quality products, using the best raw material possible, has not altered. Going forward, the company’s mission is to provide products of premium quality and performance that help make life easier and more enjoyable.