Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Double Edge Safety Razor Blades for Men

We’ve been carefully crafting innovative men’s razor blades for longer than anyone at Wilkinson Sword can remember – and we’ve never sat still since we first took shaving by storm in 1884. Always searching for the perfect shave, we’re constantly thinking of new ways to design smoother, closer and most importantly safer men’s razors.

PTFE non-stick coating, used on all our double edge razor blades, delivers all of that and more. Incredibly simple in design and hugely effective in tackling the harder-to-reach parts of your face, Classic Double Edge Razor Blades provide great value for money. They’re versatile too, fitting into butterfly clasp and even cut-throat razors, and give your beard the sharpest definition possible. To make your shaving experience even more comfortable, check out our vintage soap bowl and shaving brush. Our razors evolve, but the best ways to prepare for a good shave are exactly the same as they were 200 years ago.

If you’re looking for traditional double edge razor blades, you’re someone who knows what you’re doing when it comes to sharpening your style. For more style inspiration, head to our blog where you’ll find new shaving tips and tricks every month.