How To Get Rid Of Peach Fuzz

What is peach fuzz?

Noticing some pesky little light-coloured hairs on your cheeks or jaw when you’re admiring your reflection? That’s probably vellus hair, more commonly known as peach fuzz. It’s the soft, downy hair which grows on both the face and body. In fact, it’s probably all over you as it can grow anywhere except your lips, the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands.

Peach fuzz tends to be light and fine, but seeing it on your face can still be something of an annoyance. For women in particular, peach fuzz above the upper lip can be a source of frustration.

Does peach fuzz grow back thicker?

Although shaving body hair can make it feel a little stubbly for a while as it begins to grow back, it’s just not true that hair grows back thicker, darker or faster after removal. This is the case for peach fuzz as well as all body hair. In fact, if you are experiencing more body or facial hair growth than normal, you should speak to your doctor as this can be a side effect of some medications or a symptom of some conditions.

Is it bad to shave peach fuzz?

Most of the time, peach fuzz is not particularly visible to other people, and you’re the only one who notices it. But, with most of us carrying smartphones in our pockets with built-in cameras, which are sometimes a little bit too HD, it makes sense that we might still feel we want to shave it. And, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. In fact, removing peach fuzz can be very helpful in allowing smoother makeup application.

How to get rid of peach fuzz on face:

There are a couple of methods you can use to remove peach fuzz from your face, and we’ve broken down some of the pros and cons...


Just as you can have your eyebrows threaded, this technique can also be used to remove peach fuzz from your face. It’s important to go to a professional to have this treatment, because otherwise it can result in irritation and ingrown hairs.

Hair removal cream

There are some hair removal creams which can be used facially. But you’ll want to be wary, as some creams can irritate sensitive skin. Plus, that nasty chemical smell! Nevertheless, it’s definitely less painful than waxing.


Waxing peach fuzz can provide smooth and long-lasting results, and it can be done fairly cheaply with at-home waxing strips. However, it’s a pretty aggressive solution, which isn’t appropriate for more sensitive, or rosacea or acne-prone skin. Plus, it stings!


Finally, our top choice! Dermaplaning is a brilliant method of removing peach fuzz from the face, and is actually a multi-purpose treatment, so we get to experience various benefits.

Dermaplaning involves running a small scalpel-type blade over the skin and can be used for exfoliation, removing vellus hairs, and shaping eyebrows. It’s suitable for most skin types, but ask your dermatologist if you have rosacea or chronic acne.

Professional dermaplaning treatments are available, but there are some fantastic tools to use from the comfort of your own home. Our eyebrow shaping tool works wonderfully when used to remove peach fuzz and dead skin, as well as for neatening up the brow area. Our Intuition 4-in-1 trimmer is also a great choice for removing fine facial hair to leave skin smooth and glowing.

And that’s really the goal here: great-looking skin, without that pesky peach fuzz. It might have a cute name, but it has to go.