Intuition Dermaglow

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Professional dermaplaning tool at-home. Removes fine hair and improve skin texture.
  • Product Description

    Immediately reveals smooth glowing skin

    • The exfoliating edge with micro-guards gently removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz
    • Professional dermaplaning tool for at-home use
    • The durable premium metal handle with non-slip silicone provides a secure grip
    • Designed to protect delicate facial skin

    7 Visible Skin Benefits of Dermaplaning:

    1. Removes fine hairs
    2. Glowing Skin
    3. Improves skin texture
    4. Smooths
    5. Softens
    6. Helps absorption of creams and serums
    7. Smooth make-up application

    Your professional beauty treatment for at home

    Dermaplaning is the perfect opportunity to remove facial hair and provide desired beauty and skin benefits at once.

    This exfoliation method gently removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz and immediately reveals smooth glowing skin.

    This pack contains 1 dermaplaning tool and 3 replacement blades.