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What Is The Best Stubble Length For Your Face Shape?

Want to experiment with your facial hair but unsure what style will suit you? Knowing your face shape is a great start when picking a stubble style which looks sleek rather than scruffy.

How can I identify my face shape?

Identifying what shape your face is is actually pretty simple. Just measure it! You might feel silly wrapping a measuring tape around your chin, but trust us, it’s the best way to find your face shape. Take the following measurements:

Measurement 1:

Across the forehead, between the highest points of each eyebrow

Measurement 2:

Between the most protruding points of your cheekbones, roughly level with the corners of your eyes

Measurement 3:

From the middle of your chin to where your jaw angles up towards your ear, then double that measurement

Measurement 4:

From your hairline in the middle of your forehead, down to the tip of your chin

Now use these four measurements to identify your face shape and which stubble length suits you.

What stubble length will suit my face?


If measurement 4 is longer than 2, and 1 is longer than 3, and your jaw is a little rounded, you have an oval face. This shape suits many styles, but we love the classics. Opt for a clean-shaven face or an even five o’clock shadow.


If measurement 4 is largest, with the others closer together, you likely have a rectangular face. We recommend a balanced style which doesn’t highlight the chin. Try a heavier stubble (up to 5mm long), ensuring it’s consistent all over.


If measurement 3 is larger than 2, and 2 is larger than 1, your face is triangular. You should avoid too much hair on your jaw, so try a longer 5 mm stubble moustache and keep it short elsewhere.


You have a square-shaped face if all your measurements are similar and your jaw is quite sharp. Avoid adding weight to your jawline by shaping a longer stubble (3-5 mm) into a horseshoe-shaped moustache. Goatees also work well on square faces.


If you have a softer jaw, and measurements 2 and 4 are similar and larger than 1 and 3, you probably have a round face. Stubble in a goatee shape creates the illusion of an angular jaw. Keep the cheeks clear with 3-5mm of stubble on your chin and moustache.

What length stubble is most common?

Stubble beards are definitely in vogue. A quick glance at any red carpet line-up in the last few years shows us a long list of male celebrities who’ve embraced their stubble. A five o’clock shadow spreading over the chin, jaw, upper lip and cheeks is a popular option, but perhaps an even trendier choice right now is the medium length ‘designer stubble’. Easy to maintain and suited to both casual and professional styles, we think it’s hardly surprising that the 3-day beard, which is usually 1-3 mm in length, is such a common pick.

How to keep stubble a certain length?

If you’re looking to achieve a particular length of stubble, you’ll first need to grow the hair longer than you’re aiming for, as it won’t necessarily grow evenly all over your face. Then you can use your favorite beard trimmer to trim it so that it is the desired length all over. If you want a short, subtle shadow, keep the length to less than 2 mm. If you’re looking for a fashionable mid length, go for 2-3 mm, and if you want a heavier stubble, try 4-5 mm.

For perfect stubble, our Hydro 5 Groomer is an amazing 4-in-1 styling tool which you can adjust to help you get your desired length. You can use the top of the blade head to achieve clean and precise edges. The Shave & Style Electric Trimmer is also fantastic for styling your stubble, as well as for trimming those irritating nose and ear hairs! This trimmer allows you to fit its precision combs on either side of the blade, and can even be used in the shower.

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