How To Shave Your Neck: Which Direction Is Best?

Your neck is pretty sensitive, and it’s common for shaving it to cause some difficulties. Whether it’s ingrown hairs, nicks and cuts, soreness or dryness, if you shave your neck, you can probably relate to the unfortunate side effects. So how can you get better results?

Which direction should you shave your neck?

When shaving your neck, you should try to follow the grain, or the direction which your hair grows in, rather than just going up or down. The direction of growth might not be completely consistent all over your neck, and you may need to try allowing your hair to grow out a little so that you can get a sense of it. Think of it as an exploration mission, you’ve got to learn the lay of the land before you get started.

How do you shave your neck without getting bumps?

If you tend to get bumps and ingrown hairs on your neck, preparation before shaving is particularly important. Wash your neck thoroughly beforehand. There are a number of pre-shave and lubricating products available to try if you wish, although trial and error is required to figure out what works for your skin.

Some people benefit from using a pre-shave oil or balm on their neck before shaving in order to reduce irritation and bumpiness, but others find that these clog pores and make the problem worse. The only way to know for sure if they work for you is to try them for yourself.

For more information on managing irritation and bumps, check out our useful advice on shaving sensitive skin and preventing ingrown hairs.

Should I shave my neck every day?

To achieve a flattering look, you tend to want to maintain a clean-shaven neck, even if you’re sporting a beard. However, your daily shave may be irritating the skin on your neck and causing bumps and ingrowns. If you’re facing these problems, it may be worth reducing how often you shave your neck and putting up with a little stubble in order to avoid them. After all, a sore, blotchy red neck isn’t exactly flattering either!

However, for many of us, shaving our necks everyday is perfectly feasible. We just have to make sure we’re using the right tools and techniques and being gentle with our skin so that it stays smooth, hydrated and healthy.

How to shave your neck in 5 steps:

  1. Prepare your neck for shaving by giving it a good clean and soak with hot water, and applying any pre-shave products. Lather up your whole neck with shaving cream or soap to help hydrate and soften stubble.
  2. Pick a razor which is well suited to this sensitive area, for example our Hydro 5 Skin Protection Advanced or Hydro 5 Skin Protection Sensitive razors, which have been specifically designed to avoid irritating your skin. To start with, shave with the grain (in the direction of growth), and don’t worry if you don’t get all the hair at first. Don’t press down too hard or go over the same spot again and again, as this will only irritate your skin!
  3. While shaving, try to flatten the skin of your neck by first leaning forward, and then tipping your head back a little. An Adam’s Apple can definitely make things a bit tricky but rather than cursing the mysteries of evolution mid-shave, try slightly sliding the skin to the side in order to shave it. However, don’t overstretch the skin as it leaves you more vulnerable to razor burn.
  4. Once you’ve shaved the whole area once, rinse and re-lather it. Then, you can shave again, still using light strokes, but this time going across the grain. This should clear the rest of the hair, leaving you with a lovely clean shave, but if you aren’t happy, you can lather up and have one final go.
  5. Give your neck a really thorough wash when you’re finished, making sure there are no hairs or remaining product which can block pores. You can also use a toner and any other post-shave products in order to keep your skin smooth, hydrated and comfortable.