How to use a beard trimmer for styling

There’s nothing like a carefully groomed beard for sharpening your style. A little well-tended face fuzz can be totally transformative from head to toe, but shaping is the key to success. 

Armed with a trusty beard trimmer, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look impossibly stylish every single morning - those few minutes of shaping in front of the mirror can keep your facial hair looking its best and make sure it doesn’t lose its definition…

Choosing your beard shape

Don’t just pick a number, flick a switch and start all-over trimming. Spending a few minutes deciding on what beard shape to opt for will not only improve the appearance of your beard but make your whole face look better (as if that’s even possible). 

But choosing the right beard for your face shape isn’t as simple as flicking through the options and picking a beard at random - you need to know what you’re working with. For example:

  • If you’ve got a round face, keeping your beard shortly trimmed at the sides will help to sharpen your look and elongate your face
  • If you’ve got a square or chiselled jawline, keeping your beard more rounded and circular helps to soften the edges
  • If you’ve got an oval-shaped face, letting the sides grow out and keeping the beard short at the bottom will make your jawline appear more chiselled

Of course, these aren’t hard and fast rules; you can always choose a round beard to go with a round face. It’s up to you. But trust us - the difference between a decent fuzz and a great beard, a beard for the ages, is razor-thin. 

How to style your beard with a trimmer

Time to get to work - but don’t just run the trimmer over your face until everything’s the same length. Here’s how to tackle each part of your beard for maximum results…

The all-over trim

Taking the bulk of your beard off with a trimmer will stop it from looking too heavy and make the rest of the job easier. Think of it as mowing the lawn rather than tidying up the edges - the straightforward bit before you get stuck into the detail. 

But that doesn’t mean it needs anything less than your full attention. Opt for an electric trimmer with multiple precision comb lengths such as the Shave & Style trimmer. Choose your number carefully - starting with a high comb setting and gradually working your way down until you reach a length you’re happy with. Because there’s no going back if you accidentally lop off a big chunk of face fuzz.

Once you’re happy with the length, go back in with a pair of beard scissors to cut down any stragglers. There are always stragglers.

Shaping your sideburns

Here’s a philosophical head-scratcher for you. Where does your beard end and your hair begin? It’s too easy to ignore this question when you’re shaping your beard and simply pretend your sideburns don’t exist - letting them grow to an alarming length below your ears. 

The secret isn’t in pinpointing the exact border but working with your trimmer to create a soft taper. Blending your beard into your barnet might sound like the realm of the professional barber, but with a little practice you’ll find tapering becomes surprisingly easy.

Defining your neckline

There’s a border dispute happening at the other end of your beard too. Many men let their beards creep down their necks and even blend with their chest hair - but maintaining a clean neckline is crucial to giving your beard that sharp, defined look. 

The question of where this line should be is simple. Take an imaginary pencil (make sure it’s an imaginary one - your finger will do) and draw a U-shaped line underneath your chin from one ear to the other, passing just above your Adam’s apple at its lowest point. This is your neckline, and any hair growing below it shouldn’t be shorter, or stubblier - it should be clean-shaven. 

Dealing with your moustache

It’s a detail that you might forget about until you’re sitting at your desk later in the day, wondering why hairs are poking into your mouth. There have been many great moustaches over the years, but none of them have ever broken the golden rule and crossed over the lips. 

It’s not easily done with a razor or a trimmer, so you’ll need to go in with the beard scissors - but keeping the top lip clear of any long hairs is a 30-second job that means you don’t undermine all that hard beard-shaping work. Straggly moustaches are unsightly and untidy, and your face is better than that. 

Keeping your facial hair in check might feel like a when-you’ve got-time sort of grooming job - but fitting those few into your grooming routine every day is well worth it for the magnificent beard shape you’ll be sporting. And following a few golden rules keeps it straightforward, simple and all the more effective.