How the Hydro Comfort Skin Reset can Transform Your Shave

How the Hydro Comfort Skin Reset can Transform Your Shave

We’re not shaving like we used to. It’s a constantly evolving art, and at Wilkinson Sword we’re continuing to push the boundaries of innovation in ways that reinvent your morning routine and keep those hours in front of the bathroom mirror a pleasure rather than a chore. But shaving has evolved, so our razors are evolving with it…

How many men in the UK are still shaving daily? With facial fuzz ever more popular – whether it’s a full-on beard or a touch of designer stubble – the trend of letting facial hair grow out isn’t going anywhere. Where a little five o’clock shadow might once have been a mark of shame in fusty workplaces of old, today it’s more of a style statement. Hurriedly removing every visible hair each morning in order to look acceptably smart is no longer high on the priority list when you’re getting ready to face the day (unless maybe you’re in the army).

With beards a widespread by-product of the worldwide Covid-19 lockdowns, it’s becoming much more common to have several days’ worth of growth to get rid of when the time does come to pick up a razor. Any old razor won’t do – so that’s why we’ve specially designed the Hydro Comfort Skin Reset, our first razor designed to comfortably shave up to seven days of stubble.

Why use the Hydro Comfort Skin Reset?

Going straight in with the razor that’s been lurking at the back of the bathroom cupboard is bad news if your skin has had a few days off from shaving. An unshaven face is much more prone to irritation, redness and shaving rash, so it pays to have the right equipment and put in the necessary preparation before you start. The Hydro Comfort Skin Reset ensures the highest possible levels of skin protection and smooth glide, making for a more enjoyable shave and a sharper-looking result.

Features of the Hydro Comfort Skin Reset

Uniquely designed to meet the needs of the post-lockdown man in all his stubbled glory, this game-changing razor features a bladedesign that combs, trims and shaves hair all in one step.

The combed guard separates hair to prevent tugging and pulling which gives a comfortable shave, even with up to 7 days of stubble.

In addition:

- Diamond-coated blades provide extra durability

-Water-activated Hydro lubricating gel helps to soften hair and soothe skin as you go

-Flip-back trimmer allows for precise trimming and enables you to shave those hard-to-reach spots

-Channels on the comb guard increase the water flow to allow for easy rinsing and prevent clogging

How to shave several days’ stubble

There’s a tried-and-tested technique to making sure you’re shaving comfortably and safely if you’ve got a few days’ growth behind you. Here’s how to get the best out of the Hydro Comfort Skin Reset...

Avoid blunt blades

As with any other razor, once you’ve used the Hydro Comfort Skin Reset a few times, it’s time to replace the blade. Blunt or dull blades increase the risk of nicks, cuts and irritation, as well as delivering the kind of half-patchy shave that’ll make you wish you’d kept the stubble. When it’s time to dispose of your old blade it’s easy to replace it, and you’ll be glad you did.

Wash first with plenty of warm water

Applying warm water to your skin before shaving always helps to soften hairs and open pores, and this is more important than ever when your skin’s had a few days of hiding away underneath stubble. Try to shave when you’ve just got out of the shower to ensure your skin is in the best possible condition for a stubble shave, and give your skin five minutes to dry before going in with the shaving gel.

Exfoliate every time

Stubble might look great, but it’s also a hiding place for dirt, grime, oils and dead skin cells. The clearer you can get your razor’s path before you begin, the better your shave will feel and the less the likelihood of irritation or cuts once you start. Take a robust shaving brush and try to clean up the area as best you can.

Use plenty of shaving gel

Your skin is likely to be more sensitive than usual when it’s not been shaved for a few days, so a generous helping of gentle moisturising shave gel is key to comfort and a smooth glide. Make sure you continually rinse the blades as you shave too – this is easier and less cloggy than ever with the Hydro Comfort Skin Reset’s clever design. Don’t bash the razor on the side of the sink to get hairs out, either, as this can damage the blades.

Don’t shave against the grain

While this might seem a tempting way to tackle the stubble more quickly, following the direction of hair growth makes for a much more precise and comfortable result. Plus your razor is designed to do just that, and its multi-purpose set of blades will put in the hard work for you. This is also a reason not to re-stroke, as going over the same area repeatedly with a blade will often do more harm than good.

Aftercare is crucial

Your skin might have had a bit of a surprise – so make sure a good quality post-shave moisturiser is on hand to calm it down and get it back to looking its best. Don’t go straight in with the aftershave, either – your freshly un-stubbled skin needs a little extra time to get used to being out in the open air again!

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