Xtreme 3 Ultimate Comfort Disposable Razor

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Xtreme 3 Ultimate Comfort

Our best Xtreme 3 disposable razor, with 3 flexible blades and a Duo Glide design

A clean and convenient shave: The Xtreme 3 disposable razor has been specially designed to offer a smooth and truly close shave, with 3 blades that flex and adapt to the unique contours of your face. Furthermore, its Duo Glide design enables easy movement across the face for a simple and clean finish.

Product Features

3 Flexible Blades

Designed to adapt to any contour

Duo Glide design

+50% more lubricant* and a 50% larger guard bar* (*vs. Xtreme 3 Sensitive)

Handle made with Recycled Plastic

Handle made with 76% recycled plastic (from post consumer recycled plastic)

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