Warnings and Instructions Body Wax Strips

Cooling Water contains Menthol & Camphor. In case of contact with
the eyes, rinse immediately.

• Appropriate for pregnant women, though it may cause bruises.
• Don’t apply the products on open wounds, or on irritated or swollen skin,
skin with spots, ulcers, varicose veins, moles or sunburnt skin. Do not
use on skin that has previously had a reaction when using other waxes.
• Don‘t use this product on sensitive areas such as the face, chest or
genital or perianal area.Don‘t use the wax strips for 24 hours after
sunbathing or immediately after a shower or bath.

• Includes Camphor & Menthol

Before using the waxing strips for the first time:
• Before using this product, consult a dermatologist if you are undergoing
treatment that may affect the skin or if you think that you may have an
undiagnosed dermatological problem.
• If you have no experience in wax depilation, it is recommended
that you begin by waxing small areas on the legs. Begin to wax
areas that are more sensitive to wax such as underarms or bikini
when you have had enough experience of waxing.
• Before the first use, carry out a test on a small part of the area to
be waxed. If in the 24 hours following the application no adverse
reaction is observed, continue using the product.
After waxing
• It is common after the waxing to suffer slight discomfort and for a slight
redness to appear at the root of the hair. These effects are normal and
usually disappear in 24 hours; if not, it is recommended that you consult
a doctor. Apply cold compresses to relieve the discomfort.
• Don‘t expose waxed skin to direct sunlight for 24 hours after the waxing
• Don‘t use deodorants or alcohol-based products in the waxed areas in
the 24 hours following the waxing.

• After waxing, wait for 24 hrs before using this product.
• apply sunscreen after use.
• Store the strips and pre and post depilatory products in the cardboard
box in a cool and dry place. Close the bottle & tube after usage.