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Women’s Razor Subscriptions

Women’s Razor & Shaving Subscriptions

Take the hassle out of shaving with our easy subscription packages.

Choose your blades

Select the blades you need for you favourite razor.

Decide how many you need

Make sure you have plenty to allow for regular refreshing of your razor’s blades.

And how often you need them

Maintain your grooming routine with deliveries every month, 2 months or 3 months.

Enjoy the benefits of your subscription

1. Amend or cancel anytime
2. Save 15% on all razor blades
3. Never pay for delivery

Amend my subscription now

Women’s Razor & Shaving Subscriptions

You need razors that won’t let you down when you need them most. Razors with hundreds of years of Wilkinson Sword’s unique innovation behind them. Razors that’ll leave you looking and feeling fabulous every day – regardless of whether you’ve remembered to put them on the shopping list.

Why choose a shaving subscription?

You’re just sinking into a warm bath. You close your eyes, exhale deeply and feel the stresses of the day start to melt away. Remembering that relaxation isn’t the only reason you’re there, you reach idly around for a razor before realising with a sigh that – once again – you’re fresh out.

What could be more annoying than that? The same situation, but bleary-eyed in the shower with 15 minutes to go before your train to work leaves.

Whatever the reasons shaving is causing you stress, we believe it should be a breeze – and that’s where Wilkinson Sword’s subscriptions come in. With reliable, sturdy razors always on hand you need never be caught short again.

What if I’ve already got a reliable razor?

The flexibility of shaving subscriptions means you can choose to receive razors or blades on a regular basis (and how regular is up to you!). Routinely clean blades will ensure your skin is silky smooth – soon you’ll be saying goodbye to cuts, nicks and razor burn for good.

What are the benefits of a shaving subscription?
✔ You’ll notice the time and money you save immediately
✔ You won’t get the cuts and skin irritation that old blades can cause
✔ You’ll get exactly the razors that you need
✔ Refillable razors mean less waste
✔ You’ll benefit from exclusive subscriber offers
✔ You’ll be in control. It’s flexible!
How do I get started?

Pick your favourite blade, choose when you want to receive the replacements and wait for your first box to arrive straight to your door!