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Intuition Complete Bikini Razor and Trimmer

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A 5-blade razor and bikini trimmer in one for the ultimate convenience. Intuition Complete Bikini features a bikini trimmer on one end and a 5-blade razor on the other. The waterproof trimmer gives you all the precision you need, with 4 trim lengths. Flip to the other side for a close, smooth shave even for hard-to-reach areas.

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  • A 5-blade razor and trimmer in one which allowing you to trim and shave with one tool
  • The trimmer is a precision trimmer to reach even the most difficult areas and comes with an adjustable comb with 4 settings to create desired look
  • Razor with 5 skin-perfect blades for a close smooth shave
  • The blades are surrounded by Skin protect gel with Hyaluronic acid which provides a nourishing and irritation free shave
  • A slim razor head ensures an effortless shave even in tricky zones
  • Waterproof trimmer which is suitable for shaving in the shower
  • Battery operated trimmer with AAA lithium battery included in the pack
  • Plastic-free packaging made from more than 90% recycled material
  • 100% recyclable packaging


1. Select desired hair length by adjusting comb position, or remove the comb entirely for a closer trim.
2. Activate the trimmer by pressing the on/off button once. No need to hold button down while shaving.
3. Guide the trimmer over the area to be trimmed until you achieve your desired look/length.
4. Clean after every use. Remove the comb and then remove the grey trimmer blade by pushing upwards under the trimmer edge to detach from handle. Rinse under water to remove hair.
5. Use with new lithium AAA battery when needed.

Contains: AAA Lithium Battery.
AAA Lithium Iron Disulfide Battery.
(1) Keep away from small children. If swallowed, promptly seek medical attention.
(2) Battery can explode or leak and cause burns if installed backwards, disassembled, charged, or exposed to water, fire or high temperature.
Recycle responsibly


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