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    Outstanding Performance in a Four-blade Disposable Razor. The Quattro for Women Sensitive Disposable Razor combines four perfectly synchronized blades and dual comfort strips formulated with Aloe vera and vitamin E.

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    Xtreme 3 Beauty Sensitive is the perfect choice if you’re prone to irritation and dryness. Featuring 3 flexible blades that flex around your curves and a lubricating strip enriched with Aloe and Jojoba, your legs will feel irresistibly smooth and cared for.

At Wilkinson Sword we know how important your style is and that’s why we have spent the last 120 years perfecting the art of making the right women’s razor blades for you. Since we first started production, lots of things have changed. One thing that hasn’t is our quality credentials for making great value products, and this especially applies to our women’s disposable razors.

We understand that everything leads a different lifestyle and that leads to different shaving habits, this is where are ladies disposable razors are key to fitting into your schedule. With our womens disposable razors you get the quality of a premium razor built into a handy great value disposable razor. 

Our female disposable razors are created to give you a close and comfortable shave every time. Our best disposable razor for women is the Xtreme 3 Beauty, its has 3 flexible blades to follow the contours of your body. Plus the conditioning strips provide ultimate glide for a shave that leaves legs feeling irresistibly smooth! Not only that it comes with a travel cap to keep your razor safe whilst on the go.

Looking for a girly disposable razor with outstanding performance? You’ll love Quattro for Women Sensitive! The 4 ultra-thin blades give you a close shave for long-lasting, silky smooth legs by protecting from nicks and cuts, whilst also caring for sensitive skin. Just looking for value? Then check out our Extra Beauty range of disposables, these 2 and 3 blades products use our quality blades but in a simpler design. Giving you all the features, you need to have a great shave, without breaking the bank.