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Men's Body Hair, Stubble & Sideburn Trimmers

We believe that shaving is all about freeing yourself and showing off your style, and coming from a heritage of challenging the norm, we know all about style. Style is what sets you apart from everyone else, and the best place to showcase that is with your facial hair. Wilkinson Sword was the first to launch a 3 in 1 razor that provided a mens trimmer and a standard mens razor all in one.

The stubble trimmer allows you to easily maintain a the perfect with an adjustable come whilst the standard blades help you create definition. If you want to create the sharpest look for a beard, then check out our Classic Double Edge razors that give you that barber shop definition along with the trimmers. We all know that trimmers aren’t just for your face, if you want to create style down stairs then we have a great blog on how to use our Hydro 5 Groomer as a body hair trimmer as well.

If you are looking solely for a body trimmer, then we have just launched a new razor that is designed specifically for your torso – its called Hydro Body, featuring bi-directional blades to help with those trick parts. We understand that everyone has a different need for a body trimmer, so whether you are going for the hairless mister or the wooly mammoth, we have everything you need.