Can You Take A Razor In Your Hand Luggage On A Plane?

The logistics of packing for a short overseas break can be tricky: you don’t always want to check a bag in the hold, but can you take everything you’ll need in your hand luggage? Given that they are sharp and can potentially cause injury, razors are one of those items that many presume will be restricted by airport authorities, but it’s actually not as straight-forward as you might think. Read on to find out whether your choice of razor can be packed in a hand luggage bag or not – or just skip to the end for our handy checklist.

Disposable (fixed cartridge) razor blades

According to the UK government, fixed-cartridge razor blades – meaning disposable razors – are allowed in carry on hand luggage. This is because the blades are fixed within the head of the razor, so they can’t be removed.

Refillable razors

For your regular shaving needs, we recommend investing in a good refillable razor, like the Hydro 5 Sense Comfort for Men or the Hydro Silk for Women. Razors like this have a solid handle and disposable blades, so when a blade starts to show signs of wear and tear you can detach it from the razor and change it for a new one. Replacement blades are sold separately, usually in packs of 3 or 6.

But although they provide a good shave, refillable razors are likely to fall foul of the hand luggage restrictions. This is because, according to Gatwick Airport's detailed security information, razors are only allowed inside a carry on cabin bag if the blade is fully and permanently enclosed. So it’s best to pack your refillable razor and replacement blades in the hold, or else leave it at home and throw some disposables in your hand luggage instead.

Razor cartridges and individual razor blades

Refillable razor cartridges are allowed in hand luggage, but you probably won’t be surprised to learn that individual loose razor blades are not.

Straight razors

For those that prefer to shave in the traditional way, you might want to bring your straight razor – also known as a safety razor – away with you. Unsurprisingly, blades like this are not allowed in hand luggage either, so this is another item to leave at home or put in the hold.

Electric razors

There are no restrictions on electric shavers and razors, so you are fine to pack these in your carry on hand luggage.

What happens if a restricted item is found inside hand luggage?

All airports have the right to confiscate anything they find inside a piece of hand luggage that could be considered dangerous, so if you break the rules you may well have to surrender the offending item to security officers.

When it comes to razors, though, the rules are pretty logical: never pack anything in your hand luggage where the blade is (or can be) exposed, and if you’re in any doubt about how the rules apply to your specific razor, then make sure you check with the airline before you fly.

Quick checklist

Still unsure about what to pack where? Here’s our even quicker guide:

Allowed in hand luggage? Allowed in hold luggage?
Disposable razor Yes Yes
Refillable razor No Yes
Razor cartridges Yes Yes
Individual razor blades No Yes
Straight razor No Yes
Electric razor Yes Yes