Home Beauty Maintenance Tips & Tricks

Home Beauty Maintenance Tips & Tricks

Self-isolation may have put an end to your summer wardrobe dreams s and you may be desperately missing the joy of glamming up for nights out. With all of our lives changing, the new normal centralises around both working and playing from home. But there’s no need to let your beauty routine slip into a dormant state, just because you are home-based. As tempting as it is to unwind in your favourite casual lounge wear with bed-hair day after day, this is actually the best time to ramp up your self-care, as keeping a daily routine at home is important for your wellbeing and mental health. After all, beauty maintenance should always start and end with you; taking beautifying steps such as shaving into your regime for you, rather than for those around you.

There are also things you can add to your beauty routine in self isolation, to provide longer benefits for when you are back socialising.

DIY beauty can seem daunting if you are used to relying on professional treatments. We talk you through some things you can do in the comfort of your own home to help keep your hair, nails and skin in good condition.

Salon-worthy nails

Removing nail gel

The dreaded nail gel regrowth is such a hassle and not convenient to remove. If you get gel nails done professionally, you will also get them removed professionally. But what if you need to remove them at home? However tempting it may be, avoid peeling them off — you’ll damage the nail underneath.

To remove nail gels at home, begin by buffing the nail gel with a coarse nail file so that the gel surface is rough and no longer shiny. This will allow acetone nail varnish remover to absorb and work its magic. Next, cut tin foil into thin strips and lay them next to you on a towel with the acetone and cotton wool pads at the ready. Soak a cotton wool pad in the acetone and wrap it around one fingernail. Secure the pad into place with a strip of tin foil, covering the nail and top of the finger. Do this for each finger on your hand. Then wrap the hand up in the towel, as the warmth will help speed up the process.

Now just turn on your current Netflix binge-watch, put your feet up and relax for 15 minutes. After the time is up, check a nail with the cuticle pusher to see if the gel is ready to come off — the gel should have softened and be coming away from the nail. If the gel is still sticking firmly to the nail, don’t force it, wrap it up for a few more minutes. You should be able to gently push off the softened gel with the cuticle pusher. Once the gel has been removed, gently wash any acetone off and massage some nail oil into your nails (olive oil from the kitchen cupboard will do a great job). Back to pure nail bliss.

Everyday nail care

With regular nail appointments it is easy for months to go by, going from one colour gel to the next, but staying at home with bare nails means that you can prioritise your nail health.

It may have been a while since you saw your nails from underneath gel or polish. Keep an eye on their health by painting them with a nail recovery treatment or clear, strengthening polish. You’ll easily be able to see any damage, flaking or discolouration through the clear varnish. This is important, as nails can give you a clue as to your overall health, such as whether you are deficient in any nutrients. Healthy fingernails are smooth, without pits or ridges.

Incredible hair

This is your chance to get your hair into the best condition it has ever been in. If you want to lengthen, strengthen or thicken your luscious locks, now is the time. If you usually have regular colouring appointments, this isolation time will give your hair the opportunity to take a break from the damaging effect of hair colourings. Plus the grown-out root look is the anticipated colour trend of 2020. There are numerous celebrities who are already making this look chic. In fact, some celebrities deliberately paint roots in.

If you just don’t like the regrowth look, then there are some instant and wash-out colourant sprays on the market that ingeniously disguise roots between washes and until you see your hairdresser. One thing your hairdresser won’t like is DIY touch-up jobs, because if they go wrong (which, let’s be honest, they almost always do), then it will be difficult for them to fix when you run back to the salon.

Keep up your usual hair washing and conditioning routine while you are at home. It makes you feel good to feel fresh and it can boost your overall morale. The only difference is that you can make more time for it. If you are anything like us usually you will be rushing your hair washing before running out of the door in the morning. Use the gift of time during isolation to use a pre-wash hair bonder or a post-wash hair mask — the ultimate hair indulgence for shiny, swishable hair.

Brow maintenance

Luckily, you are spoilt for choice with how to maintain your brows in self-isolation thanks to Wilkinson Sword Intuition. Whether you prefer using tweezers, shaping with a single blade razor shaper or an electrical trimmer, we have a solution for when a trip to the salon simply isn’t possible. For tweezers start by standing by a window in daylight to pluck any stray eyebrow hairs below, above or between your brows. Alternatively use our Perfect Finish Eyebrow shaper which has a precision cap to ensure you style and perfect your brows beautifully.
Or better yet use Wilkinson Sword’s Intuition Perfect Finish 4 in 1 Multizone Styler. This is the latest must-have multi-purpose beauty tool that quickly shapes eyebrows, gently removes fine hairs, and even exfoliates for smooth skin.

You may even choose to colour your brows. If you want lasting colour, you can easily tint your eyebrows at home. Always remember to conduct a 24 hour patch test first, and then if your skin is satisfied, go for it. One top tip is to apply petroleum jelly around each brow before you begin to prevent staining your skin.

If you prefer to go makeup free at home, tidy brows can really make a difference, instantly helping you feel more put together and giving you a fresh appearance.

Shaving regime

Stopping putting in any effort to keep up your beauty routine can leave you feeling deflated. The psychological reasons behind not making an effort are often not about appearance, but that can be impacted as a result.

With the right tools shaving can be a holistic and sensorial experience — a creamy, scented lather, the smooth glide and comfortable grip of a high quality razor combined with moisturising action. It feels good! Many women like the feeling of silky smooth legs on clothes, inbetween the sheets and even after a bath. Even if there is no one there to appreciate your smoothness, it is no reason not to pamper yourself — do it for you!

The chemicals in hair removing creams can be particularly harsh on skin and DIY waxing isn’t for the faint hearted. If you have sensitive skin, look no further than Wilkinson Sword Intuition Sensitive Razor with pro-vitamin B5, aloe and vitamin E. It lathers and shaves in one step, leaving your skin glowingly soft, moisturised and cared for.

For ease with facial beauty maintenance, treat yourself to the Wilkinson Sword Intuition 4 in 1 Perfect Finish, an innovative solution for gentle facial and body hair removal. It’s ideal for removing facial hair and styling your perfect look.

Pampered skin

Missing the spa? Professional spa treatments are known to relax you and release endorphins into your bloodstream to make you feel good and boost the immune system. Extra time on your hands means that you can bring the spa into your home, to create your very own Spa-throom. Fill your home with relaxing scents using diffusers and candles which will add to a soothing atmosphere as you maintain your skincare routine. You can even put a face mask on while you work from home – as long as you don’t have any video conference calls booked in!

Reclaim who you are

Everyone’s beauty rituals are different; what you consider to be a necessity your friend might not, but whether it’s nourishing your hair, a regular mani, quick showers or long baths, factoring in time at home for your beauty maintenance can give you a confidence boost, making you feel happier and more relaxed in yourself. The key is to be kind to yourself — treat yourself with care.

Sure, you can’t control everything in life, but consciously making an effort to keep up your beauty maintenance at home and enjoying it means that you won’t go into full-on hibernation. Instead use the time to improve your health and wellbeing so that you emerge afterwards feeling recharged and rejuvenated.

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