Shave Cream Waterlily


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Your Moisture Must-Have is here: Wilkison Sword Shave Waterlily Shave Cream.

No desire for a foam party? Then you should test our new shaving cream! The Wilkison Sword Shave Cream can be applied as easily as a lotion and forms a creamy transparent layer on your skin, so that you can see where you are shaving, without foaming. It helps the razor blades to slide gently, and protects your skin from irritation. As an additional plus, Wilkison Sword Shaving Cream moisturises your skin for 24 hours after application. And because there are no additional parabens it's also suitable for sensitive skin.
Here's how to use our Shave Cream correctly: Tip 1: Apply your Wilkison sword shaving cream Coconut to damp skin. Tip 2: After application, wait about two to three minutes before starting to shave. This is so that the shaving cream has enough time to soften the hairs so they can be removed better afterwards. Tip 3: Rinse your razor every few goes, preferably under running water so that no cream residues are deposited on the blades and your shave runs smoothly. Tip 4: After shaving, wash your skin again with water. This removes the remnants of the shaving cream.

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