Nail Scissors With Curved Blades


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The Wilkinson Sword Nail Scissors with Curved Blades

The most important thing for a perfect manicure is the right tools. Wilkinson nail scissors, for optimal care, even the highest quality demands. The curved cutting nail scissors exact trimming nails is guaranteed. Our professional nail scissors are exactly shaped, hardened and precision ground. The extremely hard steel gives them durability and excellent cutting properties. All scissors are really screwed and thus adjustable. Free-moving and secure in your grasp. Precision instrument from Wilkinson Sword. Part of Wilkinson Swords’ manicure and pedicure range.

Product Features

  • High quality long life hard steel with outstanding cutting properties
  • Curved blades for accurate trimming of the fingernails
  • Adjustable screw-fitting
  • The chrome coating ensures optimum corrosion protection
  • Curved blades

Pack contains 1 x Nail scissors.

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