Intuition Facial Duo


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The Beauty Tool For On The Go

You’re on the road, look in the rear-view mirror and discover that one hair on your face that you don’t want there… it’s no issue with the Perfect Finish Facial Duo from Intuition. The small and compact design allows for easy and discreet hair removal, no matter where you are. It does this all without causing irritation, making it your ideal handbag companion. It’s also flight safe, and can be taken in your carry-on luggage when travelling by air.
The facial hair remover gently cuts the hair without pulling it, leaving your skin velvet-soft with a natural glow, that provides a smooth base for your makeup.

Myth-busting from Intuition: Do you think that hair will grow back thicker and darker after shaving? Not true! Hair formation takes place in the root, and hair removal has no influence on that.

Product Features

  • Perfect for on-the-go hair removal
  • Comes with two interchangeable attachments: for face and for eyebrows
  • Gently removes fine facial hair & peach fuzz for a natural glow
  • Small and targeted attachment for precisely shaping and styling eyebrows
  • Compact design and almost noiseless
  • Pain-free and safe hair removal – high-quality stainless-steel trimmer with mesh foil which protects skin from irritation and redness

What's Included?

  • Battery powered. AA Alkaline Battery included
  • Comes with cleaning brush, protective cover and AA Alakaline Battery

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