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Wilkinson Sword Intuition Facial Duo

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The Intuition Perfect Finish Facial Duo combines two functions in just one tool. The facial attachment gently removes fine hairs on the upper lip, chin and cheeks. With the small and targeted eyebrow attachment you can precisely shape and style your eyebrows. The compact design makes it ideal for painless hair removal anytime, anywhere.

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Gently removes fine hairs

Product photo of pen like point of tool. Smooths away fine hairs.

Precisely shapes eyebrows

Ideal for On-The-Go

Package shot of Intuition Facial Duo - tall narrow package with tan text on black background with photo of woman using the tool to neaten her eyebrow


– Perfect for on-the-go hair removal

– Comes with two interchangeable attachments: for face and for eyebrows

– Gently removes fine facial hair & peach fuzz for a natural glow

– Small and targeted attachment for precisely shaping and styling eyebrows

– Compact design and almost noiseless

– Pain-free and safe hair removal – high-quality stainless-steel trimmer with mesh foil which protects skin from irritation and redness

– Battery powered. AA Alkaline Battery included

– Comes with cleaning brush, protective cover and AA Alakaline Battery


Wilkinson Sword Intuition Perfect Finish Facial Duo comes with two interchangeable attachments:


Gently removes fine facial hair on the upper lip, chin and cheeks – for velvety soft skin and a natural glow. The high-quality stainless steel trimmer with safe, electrically rotating blades does not pull the hair out of the root and thus protects the skin from injuries, redness and irritation.


Step 1: Use the flat attachment to remove fine hairs from your face. Place the attachment on the beauty tool and turn it slightly clockwise until it clicks into place.

Step 2: Place the attachment flat on your skin and guide it over your face with small circular movements.

Step 3: Use gentle pressure until all the unwanted hair is removed.

Tip: Slightly tighten your skin around the upper lip – this allows the trimmer to glide smoothly.


Eyebrows all over the place? The small, targeted attachment helps you precisely style and touch up your eyebrows and effortlessly cleans up any unwanted hair.

Photograph of female using Intuition Duo facial hair remover to neaten up her eyebrows..


Step 1: Choose the small, targeted attachment to shape your eyebrows. Place the attachment on the beauty tool and turn it slightly clockwise until it clicks into place.

Step 2: Run the tool against the direction of hair growth along your eyebrows. You can use the attachment to carefully shave above, below or on the sides of the browbones.

Tip: Slightly pull your eyebrows upwards with one finger to tighten the area and gently remove any unwanted hair.

Make sure to clean the attachments with the small brush after use.

Photo detail of a female putting her Intuition facial duo into her salmon coloured handbag.

The Beauty Tool For On The Go

You’re on the road, look in the rear-view mirror and discover that one hair on your face that you don’t want there… it’s no issue with the Perfect Finish Facial Duo from Intuition. The small and compact design allows for easy and discreet hair removal, no matter where you are. It does this all without causing irritation, making it your ideal handbag companion. It’s also flight safe, and can be taken in your carry-on luggage when travelling by air.
The facial hair remover gently cuts the hair without pulling it, leaving your skin velvet-soft with a natural glow, that provides a smooth base for your makeup.

Myth-busting from Intuition: Do you think that hair will grow back thicker and darker after shaving? Not true! Hair formation takes place in the root, and hair removal has no influence on that.


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