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Men's Sideburn Trimmer & Body Hair Razors

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Men's Sideburn Trimmer & Body Hair Razors

For us, shaving is about much more than functionality. It’s about showing off your style, and bringing out your very best every single day. But that doesn’t necessarily mean being clean-shaven with a super smooth razor. However long your facial hair is – and whatever style you choose – it deserves the very best men’s shaving products.

That’s why Wilkinson Sword was the first brand to launch a 3-in-1 Razor that provided a men’s trimmer and standard razor rolled into one. Our stubble trimmer allows you to easily maintain the perfect length with an adjustable comb that will keep your facial hair looking uniformly sharp. Meanwhile, the standard men’s razor blades help you create the clearest possible definition around the edges. 

If you want to create the cleanest look for a beard, our Classic Double Edge Razors give you barber shop definition along with the trimmers. It’s not just for your face either, the Hydro 5 Groomer can be used downstairs, too – just wield it carefully. 

If a body trimmer is exactly what you’re looking for, we’ve launched a brand new razor especially for your torso called Hydro Body, featuring bi-directional blades to help with those tricky-to-reach areas. Everyone’s got different needs when it comes to keeping on top of facial and body hair, so whatever your chosen style you’ll find the right tools here.