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Men's Shaving Razors

Wilkinson Sword has been at the forefront of razor production since once of its founders Henry Wilkinson started making mens razors in 1884, the first of which, was called the Pall Mall. Since its inception, Henry Wilkinson strived to produce the best swords and subsequently went on to transform the way that a mens razor is created. Consumers have seen men’s razors evolve from being purely functional to providing a better shaving experience, all thanks to the hard work of our mens razor founder!

We believe that shaving is all about freeing yourself and showing off your style, we don’t mind what shaving razor blade you use to reach your style we just hope that we can somehow help you achieve it. Whether you rock a beard are clean shaven, we have some great blogs on how you create different styles.

We understand that not one person shaves the same, so we have razors that are steeped in tradition like the Classic Double Edge, or we have products that are award winning mens razors with the Hydro Sense razor being classed as our most innovative and best mens shaver that we have created. Its shock absorbing technology that helps fight against irritation and leave you with a clean smooth looking skin, pretty cool right?

Our heritage has taught us that although your shaving razor blade may have changed over the years, the vintage soap bowl or shaving brush are still the best way to prepare for your shave. If you are looking for a shave prep to accompany your best shaving razor then look no further then our shave preps.