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Men's Shaving Razor Blades

Wilkinson Sword has been at the forefront of razor blades since once of its founders Henry Wilkinson started making mens razors in 1884. Since its inception, Henry Wilkinson strived to produce the best swords and subsequently went on to transform the way that men’s razor blades were created. 

We believe that shaving is all about freeing yourself and showing off your style, we don’t mind what shaving razor blade you use to reach your style we just hope that we can somehow help you achieve it. Whether you rock a beard are clean shaven, the razor blade that you use it key to giving you that sharp look that you desire. 

Shaving blades are designed in different ways, you have the Classic Double Edge blades which are simple blades that will fit in any butterfly mechanic or cut throat razor – tradition at its finest. The other more modern razor blades have a lubrication strip or hydrating gel pools that help to provide a smooth glide along with comfort whilst shaving. Our Hydro 5 razor blades have a unique gel reservoir that is designed to protect skin and delivers 40% less friction than a lubrication strip.** If you are struggling to pick the correct razor blades then please head over to our blogs for some advice otherwise click on the links below to help you purchase your razor blades online.

** Average vs. Quattro Titanium lubrication strip