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Razors & Razor Blades for Men

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Razors & Razor Blades for Men

Our unbeatable range of men’s razor blades

If you’re looking for top-quality men’s shaving products to get the job done, there are few better places than here to find reliable razors and blades. At Wilkinson Sword we’ve got something nobody else has got – double-edged expertise. Not only do we know the world of grooming inside out but we’ve been manufacturing blades of one sort or another for well over 200 years, all the way back to our sword-making days – so we know what we’re talking about. Precision-engineered sharp things really are our bread and butter.

What type of razor blade do I need?

We’ve got a razor and a blade to suit every need, whether you prefer a timeless classic design or the very latest in game-changing shaving technology. Our Classic Double Edge Razor gives the kind of effortlessly stylish shave that’ll leave you looking sharp and ready to face the day – and you’ll save money on replacement blades with no need for cartridges. 

And moving from a vintage classic to the cutting edge of the razor business, the incredible products in our Hydro range boast features like shock absorbing technology, Ultra Glide® blades and water-activated gel reservoirs that improve smoothness and reduce irritation for our most comfortable shave yet.

The very latest in razor blade technology

Keep your facial hair looking swish and your skin as fresh as possible by getting rid of the blunt old razor blades that have been lingering around your bathroom for months and years on end.  Worn-out razor blades can cause skin irritation, nicks and cuts, not to mention getting clogged with the kind of grime and dirt that you don’t want on your face. 

Our sharp, anti-friction and ultra-smooth blades will glide across your skin to give you an unbeatably close shave while keeping irritation to a minimum. With top value for money and the kind of high quality you’d expect from Wilkinson Sword across all our razor blades, there’s no excuse for not looking sharp – and pairing them with a sensitive shave cream like Hydro 5 Sense Hydrate will deliver the very best results. 

No two shaves are the same, so what’s right for one person won’t be right for someone else. We suggest trying a few different types of razor blade to get started in order to find the perfect shave that works on your skin. Once you’ve found the right blade, why not save time and money by getting it delivered to your door every month with a shaving subscription?


How can I make my razor blade last longer?

We recommend changing your blade as soon as it starts to dull, but if you’re finding that this happens faster than you might expect, we recommend storing the razor somewhere completely dry and making sure you rinse it under running water during your shave.

How do I dispose of razor blades safely?

Don’t just throw dull blades away – find a container such as an old jar that you can use as a ‘blade bank’, wrap up securely and use to dispose of blades in batches. Keeping the packaging form when you bought the blades can help to secure them during disposal. 

Are new blades more likely to cause cuts?

You might think sharper blades are more likely to cut your skin, but once a blade starts to wear down you need to exert more pressure in order to get it to work. Pushing your skin like this can soon lead to small nicks and cuts.